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    Hilarious NPC Quotes

    Ultra Sun. Probably all Alola versions!
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    Hilarious NPC Quotes

    Imagine stumbling across a random trainer in a memorial and then being asked this question... "Which Pokemon do you think is fitting with the grave? Let's battle. Perhaps you'll figure it out." ???? Does she just casually ask people this question???
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    It's from Pokemon Conquest, showcasing Junior Warlords.

    It's from Pokemon Conquest, showcasing Junior Warlords.
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    Unpopular opinions

    N can't be a well-executed character if he is a great rival, or a rival at all. He unknowingly became the very thing he tried to fight off against well before the climax of the game. If you say he challenges you to reaffirm that he's right I'll need to inform that based on his own philosophy...
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    Project Old Gen Hackmons Megathread

    Unfortunately Eternatus-Eternamax has been given an invitation to this thread (somehow) and accepted it. Generation 8 Pure Hackmons is now an Old Gen Hackmons metagame. Feel free to discuss it here (or not. Not doing so works too).
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    SPOILERS! Scarlet & Violet Leaks Thread - Data/Mechanics

    Out of curiosity, are there any details about whether or not Ability Shield protects the Pokémon's ability from being suppressed by Neutralizing Gas and Gastro Acid? The description states that it blocks the Pokémon's ability from being changed but the context was a little too vague. I know...
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    PH Mega Mewtwo X Huge Power QC 1/2

    Add Remove Comment [SET] move 1: Beat up / Knock Off / Play Rough move 2: Gunk Shot / Poison Jab / Gear Grind move 3: Drain Punch / Sacred fire / Thousand Arrows move 4: Fusion Bolt / Petal Blizzard / Water Shuriken / Gastro Acid (I moved this to other options) item: Lum Berry ability: Huge...
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    SPOILERS! General Pokémon Anime Discussion

    I've been spreading this around everywhere because I think it's really cool. "To think that, someday, the kiddos in Alola will be able to go from being the island challenge champion to the world Champion! And then, when we have our own Champion, they can show the rest of the world what's so...
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    Non-official Mix and Mega - Solgaleo Voting

    Voting on Solgaleo List of qualified voters (41): kDCA smely socks Shing'n Streets Some Thug pannuracotta Fissure Andyboy Codename C.A.T Instruct Siegfried Ducky ponchlake Quantum Tesseract Axzel ong Nhanttt GeniusFromHoenn Clementine Aggrometaile reshiramo Fraise Milo Don Vascus Osake...
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    Little things you like about Pokémon

    So in Pokémon Rumble World, you have to pay 5 gems to attach a Mega Stone or Red/Blue Orb to each of the Pokémon you want it attached to but Mega Rayquaza is free! Most of the time you obtain Rayquaza, it already comes in full package with Dragon Ascent! There is a twist however... it is...
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    PH Aerilate Mega Rayquaza DONE

    shoot this one is over a month old Add Remove Comment [SET] name: Aerilate Revenge Killer move 1: Fake Out move 2: Extreme Speed move 3: Boomburst / Pursuit / Sacred Fire move 4: Gastro Acid / Spikes / Stealth Rock item: Sky Plate / Lum Berry ability: Aerilate nature: Brave evs: 248 HP /...
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    OM [PH] Eternamax Eternatus

    :ss/eternatus-eternamax: Eternatus-Eternamax @ Safety Goggles Ability: Neutralizing Gas EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 240 SpD / 252 Spe Careful Nature - Spectral Thief / Knock Off - Whirlwind - Recover/ Wish - Fissure / Horn Drill What better way to end the generation than with its most...
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    Unpopular opinions

    Legends Arceus is less unique than we think :blobthinking:. These games were built off using Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon as the blueprint. To explain... 1) Wardens act like Trial Captains and even share the same name of "Captain" in Japanese titles. 2) Ride Pokemon have almost all the...
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    PH Huge Power Regigigas [DONE]

    Add Remove Comment [SET] name: Huge Power Revenge Killer move 1: Fake Out move 2: Extreme Speed move 3: Pursuit / Gastro Acid / Spikes move 4: Water Shuriken / Taunt / Gastro Acid (Gastro Acid + Pursuit seems to be a really good combination to harshly punish switchins and if Regigigas is...
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    Unpopular opinions

    This is a very neat idea and there is potential for it in future games imo, but I have one concern. It's about the dex entry they gave Eternal Floette in Ultra Sun. "The flower it's holding can no longer be found blooming anywhere. It's also thought to contain terrifying power." This implies...
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    Unpopular opinions

    It's not Pokemon Home's code despite the all remaining Floette forms being in, so it might not be in the code for future games.
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    Unpopular opinions

    A lot of people tend to think that AZ and his Floette are incomplete because AZ's Floette never fell into our hands. It has never made an official release to the player in any mainline Pokemon game. This was despite data for Floette-Eternal existing throughout all of the 3DS titles, Eternal...
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    yes indeed!

    yes indeed!
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    OM [ORAS PH] Mega Abomasnow

    Add Remove Comment :ss/abomasnow-mega: Abomasnow-Mega @ Icicle Plate Ability: Refrigerate EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 Def Brave Nature - Fake Out - Extreme Speed - Boomburst - Spikes / Roost Mega Abomasnow stomps through ORAS Pure Hackmons with its powerful priority moves! It sets itself apart...