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  1. NinjaSnapple

    Resource 2022 Doubles Majors Teams, Replays, and Usage Stats

    ‎ Top 32 JRL vs Yuki G1: :dragapult: :Landorus-therian: :Diancie: :Rillaboom: :Blastoise: :Volcarona: vs. :Darmanitan-galar: :Rillaboom: :Tapu-fini: :Heatran: :mew: :Landorus: G2: :dragapult: :Landorus-therian: :Diancie: :Rillaboom: :Blastoise: :Volcarona: vs. :Spectrier: :Zygarde...
  2. NinjaSnapple

    Quality Control Cresselia (QC 1/2)

    [OVERVIEW] Cresselia has a valuable niche in the DOU metagame as both a bulky Trick Room setter and Calm Mind sweeper. Cresselia's extremely high natural bulk and access to reliable recovery alows it consistently switch in against many of the tiers strongest attackers such as Landorus and...
  3. NinjaSnapple

    Doubles Stakataka

    Due to its high Attack, low Speed, and strong Gyro Ball, Stakataka is a solid offensive Trick Room setter in DOU. The combination of its good Defense and Rock / Steel typing gives Stakataka good defensive utility; it is able to reliably switch in against some of the tier's most threatening...
  4. NinjaSnapple

    Resource 2021 Doubles Invitational Teams, Replays, and Usage Stats

    Credit to Sunrose for doing the top 16 section Top 16 (1) SMB vs fespy (16) G1: :diancie: :mew: :naganadel: :tapu fini: :torkoal: :scrafty: vs. :regieleki: :tapu koko: :kyurem-black: :ninetales-alola: :genesect: :mew: G2: :zygarde: :cresselia: :incineroar: :nihilego: :tapu fini: :chansey: vs...