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  1. BowWave

    *Nurse Bow Pokémon Center* GEN VII RNG Abuse

    No hacks, please -"Ain't nobody got time for that". My Pokémon are NOT REDIS unless specified. If you want to trade with me you must have a trade thread. I will not trade with Blacklisted people. Be polite and patient, I have a life. If you don't agree with my breeding policy, don't trade with...
  2. BowWave

    [Giveaway]Nurse Bow Birthday Party

    Hellow everybody! :) Today it's my birthday and I wanna share some of my happiness with you! I am going to give to 5 lucky people my favourite girl Happiny,in two different shiny versions. #440 Happiny OT: Bow♪|Nature:Bold|Ability:Serene Grace Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31|HP:Dark (70)|Evs:// Moves...
  3. BowWave

    *Nurse Bow Pokémon Center* (No N00bs,no RNG-Haters)

    Hello everybody and welcome to my solo Trade Thread. I am a 23 years old italian guy who enjoys RNG Abusing and collecting rarities. I can't stand RNG Haters and people believing that RNG Abusing is like Pokegening just because they ignore what it really is. If you wanna know something else...
  4. BowWave

    *Catch It Louder*

    ITACHI AND ZARGON ARE OFF THE GAME! I RUN THE WORLD..I mean..the thread. Hello everybody and welcome to our new trade thread. Right now we are working on improving our Time Finder's skills,but of course we do abuse of RNG,especially in 5th generation.So please take a look and enjoy our thread...