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  1. theBigbrother17

    Post #4: DoTD (Disturbance of the Day)

    Hello y'all, I know this might be a dumb post, but every once in a while I always have to deal with anything to do with online or offline things that would feel excited, annoyed, pain, sorrow, pissed, fear, and paranoia along with anxiety. In these terms, it is my mind that usually gets...
  2. theBigbrother17

    Post #3: Favorite School Subject and/or Extracurricular Activity

    Welp, I have been busy with my first two weeks with my college semester starting back up again..... I wanted to see if y'all have a favorite class/course and an extracurricular activity (sports/cheer/band/mascot/clubs) that you enjoyed in High School and/or College. If y'all just started with...
  3. theBigbrother17

    Post #2: Speaking on What You and I Do Other Than Pokémon

    Good morning/evening, how is everyone on this beautiful day? I just wanted to see if y'all have other hobbies/games that y'all love other than Pokémon or Showdown itself. If y'all don't have one, then it's alright to say so... I don't judge y'all if you only do this due to poor internet (like...
  4. theBigbrother17

    Post #1: Introducing Myself Into These Forums

    Hi everyone, I know I have been joining tournaments and posting on y'all's profile walls for the past several months without getting to really know y'all other than a basic "Hi, I am your matchup for this round". I have met some great Smogon players on here, Discord, and met a few great...