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  1. Noglastica

    Pending Teambuilder Sorting

    Currently when you send a custom battle challenge, obviously there is no format so it sends a list of every single team in your builder. While I can move the teams I want to use to the top of my builder, it would be much more convenient if it visually looked like other formats. This would let me...
  2. Noglastica

    OU ADV OU Secret Santa 2021

    ADV OU SECRET SANTA 2021 A Brief Introduction - these are all of the teams that were submitted from the Secret Santa project. The person listed beside each team is the builder, with the request that they received and built around. These teams are, of course, for the community to use. Please...
  3. Noglastica

    ADV OU Secret Santa

    2021 ADV SECRET SANTA Hey everyone, there's been some interest in an ADV Secret Santa. This is not an official smogon event so if you are in other Secret Santa teambuilding events, feel free to join this one as well. For those who don't know what a Secret Santa is, everyone who signs up...
  4. Noglastica

    National Dex The Wu-Tang Clan: SubCM Raikou Balance

    THE WU-TANG CLAN A National Dex Balance Team Featuring Raikou Description: Several weeks ago I decided I wanted to make a team around Raikou who is one of my favorite mons to play with in early gens. I want to start out by saying that Raikou can be considered a matchup fish. However, it...
  5. Noglastica

    National Dex Nat Dex Balance: EggNog

    National Dex Balance Team: EggNog I'll make sure to go in depth to clarify my thought process for picking each of these team members and will clarify on sets/moves, and will have a link to the paste here and down below at the bottom, as well as my personal opinion of a threat list and what...