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    WHEN I have offically JOHNED

    WHEN I have offically JOHNED
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    where riceMEN become rice...ELDERLYMEN when i can promise my team will be slightly warm but it...

    where riceMEN become rice...ELDERLYMEN when i can promise my team will be slightly warm but it won't be heat
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    Project Metagame Workshop (OM Submissions CLOSED)

    The main problem I have with this meta is logistic: who wants to build for 24 mons? It sounds really cool for a pet tour, but not as an actual meta. iirc there was another submission with a similar idea (idk how peple recieved it); improofing wasa notable strat
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    Metagame Pure Hackmons [Leader's Choice]

    Eternamax benefits from the Overflow glitch; when the game overflows its defense to zero, its treated as having infinite defense. Therefore, Eternamax can use 240 EVs and a positive nature in a defensive stat to gain infinite defenses. SpD is preferred due to Stored Power being super effective...
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    Tournament OM Mashup Trios Tournament

    free agent staaab
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    Metagame Pure Hackmons [Leader's Choice]

    I think the best implementation is that: If a player caused a crash, they automatically forfeit. This is similar to both Endless Battle Clause and proposed RBY Sleep Clause implementation (lose if you force an endless battle / sleep 2 mons). This would retain cart accuracy while also not causing...
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    Project Metagame Workshop (OM Submissions CLOSED)

    I think it would be difficult to actually play. The ability to blank 6 types per team is really really strong - blanking a (once) threat is incredibly easy - and there arent many benefits to offense (scald immunity is cool though!). In addition, choice items would be a greater liability. I would...
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    itt post useless websites

    obligatory mention, the vlassic
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    Metagame STAAABmons

    Post Mage Watchlist - A Follow Up Mostly my thoughts + a couple bits of council thought on watchlisted and new potentially broken mons :ss/kyurem: Kyurem just really hasn't been performing for me. Namely 0/252+/252 chansey (which you have to go full physical or clangsoul to beat unboosted; the...
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    Ask simple questions here! [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    Why doesn't !Dynamax Clause allow for dynamax in prior gens (More importantly: Is there a reason why "Allow Dynamax" isn't a clause)?
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    Metagame Free-For-All

    In USUM (and I believe in PS too), spread moves are reduced to 50% damage. Nice to have confirmation that this is is how it works and is intentional
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    Metagame STAAABmons

    MAGNEZONE The GOAT :xy/magnezone: Magnezone @ Assault Vest / Choice Specs Ability: Regenerator / Transistor EVs: 248 HP / 252 SpA / 8 SpD Modest Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Thunder Cage - Flash Cannon - Doom Desire - Volt Switch Probably could be EV'd better. As strong as Magearna, with STAB Volt...
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    Invalid Allow Change of Pokemon Types In Custom Games

    fyi you can do /challenge gen8camomons @@@ +nonexistent, !obtainable, +allpokemon, +allabilities, !standard for the same result (the first two moves determine type)
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    Post your searing hot takes

    ugh if i cant say positivity isn't a defacto requirement to making a "good" community (its not) there's no point arguing. (a community of people pissing around isnt exactly the most positive but until you want to police everything...) Anyways, positivity and hate still are very arbitrary terms...
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    Post your searing hot takes

    (nitpick) I mean; people also use vocal minority for everyone screaming on both sides; this isn't a partisan issue. Still; the majority of people in the community do not condone the action Generally the defense is used to state "I'm not bad though!" which is more fair individually (ie not...
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    Project Metagame Workshop (OM Submissions CLOSED)

    Averagemons was already a meta (not submitted to gen 8) that gave every mon mew's stats. idk how fun/interesting it would turn out, its been a thing in many g1 submissions
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    Project Metagame Workshop (OM Submissions CLOSED)

    Its galar dex with all (removed) pokemon or natdex ag without megas or zcrystals or removed moves still it isn't a very creative idea and natdex ag exists
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    Project OM Mashup Megathread

    FYI the superior chansey set is 0/252/252+ as shown by 1760 usage stats. 252 SpA Choice Specs Dragon's Maw Latios Dragon Energy (150 BP) vs. 0 HP / 252+ SpD Eviolite Chansey: 256-303 (39.9 - 47.2%) -- guaranteed 3HKO psystrike still hurts (even beats a somewhat chipped AV magearna) but regensey...
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    Project Metagame Workshop (OM Submissions CLOSED)

    While this is possible (use the import tool to add more lines -(move) to use moves), its still limited to 24 moves, is not allowed due to requiring the import function, and just seems unfun to play with. There are too many options to consider from both you and the opponent. this has been done...
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    Metagame Shared Power

    Idk where exactly to put this or if this has an iota of being accepted, but: SP should be one ability shared throughout the team, the ability being the lead's ability. If the lead's ability is restricted the next pokemon with a valid ability will be shared. This would create interesting choices...