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  1. Tmi489

    Rejected Silent /mgc

    What if talking (and setting perms to talk) was set so that ordinary users, including hosts, can't talk in them? This would include ! commands as well whatever loopholes there are, probably just make a new GC member role and change host perms to match. You can't set tour rules with custom texts...
  2. Tmi489

    Done /tour getrules | /tour viewrules Codes

    Should provide a /code of the tour code (that you can copy and edit), like when you use /roomintro as a staff member. Alternatively a copy of the of the /code can be provided when using /tour viewrules as a staff member (driver+). Unlike the roomintro it should be closed by default. This would...
  3. Tmi489

    Approved /ms filter by "useful"

    for /ms, some tag like "useful" should remove all the moves that are categorized as "usually useless" on the teambuilder menu idk how the coding works so if "usually useless" "niche" or just "useless" (though the stigma for just saying useless...) would be easier to implement go ahead
  4. Tmi489

    Other Metagames [Mix And Mega] Eternatus Offense+"Stall" [8th on Ladder]

    :Eternatus: :Excadrill: :Corviknight: :Mamoswine: :Gengar: :Ditto: Eternatus is just really good in MnM - its BST surpasses most dedicated megas. It forms simulatinous stall and offense cores which define the meta. Offense: :Excadrill: :Eternatus: (:Mamoswine:) Excadrill destroys everything not...
  5. Tmi489

    Done /stone (pokemon name) instead of /stone (stone name)

    i dont wanna spell glalitite i'd rather just spell glalie so can you add aliases for the base mon to its stone
  6. Tmi489

    Pending Add seperate "Nonexistent" qualifiers

    Obtainable All would be the 1:1 equivalent to "illegal", so that it is eaiser to understand, takes less time to make tours, and to have an easier tour code transfer. Its just obtainable, whoops EDIT: obtainable doesn't work like that but idk if its a bug Meanwhile adding Nonexistent categories...
  7. Tmi489

    Pending Have Fast, Mixed Sets use -SpD over -Def

    Most priority moves are physical, so losing defense over special defense doesn't make too much sense. If securing a KO, being able to take a priority hit is more important than a slower one. If Def=SpD, then -Def should still be preferred in order to give the Porygon line +Atk on Download.
  8. Tmi489

    Unofficial Metagames AG Hazardless with Greninja

    Intro: I can't really think of one. I peaked at 1736 in the AG Ladder? This team is an edit of a Gen 6 team I made. No hazards, since I couldn't really fit it into the game, but its still works. I know this isn't optimal. Greninja @ Safety Goggles / Icium Z Ability: Protean EVs: 252 SpA / 4...
  9. Tmi489

    ORAS OU A Volbeat Based Team (Currently @ 1400)

    Volbeat | Azumarill | Mega Diancie | Forretress | Latias | Ditto Introduction So, after trying out PU, I realized how powerful Volbeat can be, but he isn't used to his's potential. Sure, taunt, entry hazards, and fire attacks burning makes it suck, but the boosts really help others out. The...