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  1. Smashburn

    SS OU ParaSight RMT (Scarf Blace Ft. Twave Ferrothorn)

    ParaSight RMT Scarf Blacephalon Ft. Twave Ferrothorn (new paste in comments) Hello, welcome to the ParaSight RMT. The basic idea for the team was to build a balance offense around Scarf Blacephalon, something that could break down fatter teams and Beat Up...
  2. Smashburn

    SS OU SS OU Magne-BO (Ft. Expert Belt Magnezone)

    SS OU Magne-BO (FT. Expert Belt Magnezone) Hello! It has been a long time since I posted a team of any kind and wanted to show one I had great success with. I'm not the greatest or most consistent player so I'm unable to climb much further with it, and was looking for some constructive...
  3. Smashburn

    SS OU SS OU Rain THUNDER-WIND Brothers team (Dual Therian Team)

    This RMT is not so much for show, but as the title and the term state, simply Rate My Team. This is a team I have been using for sometime, I have went on a couple of winning sprees and I really like the team and its offense, not too much blocks it currently and the unique matches and surprise...
  4. Smashburn

    SS OU SS OU Dual Weather : HELP PLEASE

    So I have been using a dual weather team for awhile now, its setters are Hippowdon and Pelipper, and its weather abusers are Dracozolt, Barraskewda, Excadrill, and lastly, possibly least, Thundurus-T. It was a team posted a bit back in the forums that was discussed, I made a few changes myself...
  5. Smashburn

    SS OU Modified Rain Team (Hypertonix/Fat Bastard's Team, peaked at #15 SS OU)

    ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So I saw an interesting team recently in the SS OU forums that I thought I would like, a rain team...