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  1. Fusion Flare

    Gassing Up Your LEAST Favorite Pokémon

    Do you guys know those poketuber dime-a-dozen videos where they're like "Roasting Your Favorite Pokemon" or something like that? It made me wonder what if it was the other way around. So, here's what's gonna happen. Tell me one or two of your least favorite pokemon, and I'll hype em up like...
  2. Fusion Flare

    Let's Play! Pokemon Crystal Nuzlocke Comic

    Welcome, Welcome one and all, to my Pokemon Crystal Nuzlocke! I've never actually played any generation that doesn't have the physical special split, so we'll see of the itsy bitsy zoomer can best the Johto region, known for its non-linear routings and being the least formulaic Pokemon games...
  3. Fusion Flare

    calyrex-shadow? who's that?

    (i did this sprite for AFD btw lol) use caly-shadow unless you're going for ghost spam Spectrier @ Leftovers Ability: Grim Neigh EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Timid Nature - Substitute - Hex / Shadow Ball - Nasty Plot - Will-O-Wisp / Disable will pprobably type out the rest later
  4. Fusion Flare

    you get sent into an alternate universe and have a meetup with the alternate you. what comedic hi-jinx ensue?

    Hello, hello, ladies gentlemen, others who do not fit such categories, my name is Dr. Flare and today we'll be testing out our brand new Universe Jumper 5000! Tune in as we send one guinea pig into an alternate dimension using physics that we won't be talking about! ...oh, you're probably...
  5. Fusion Flare

    whats the vibe

    out of these 4 whats the vibe?
  6. Fusion Flare

    Tangrowth [QC 2/2] [GP 0/2]

    :bw/tangrowth: [Overview] Tangrowth isn't a usual customer in the corporation of Ubers, and yet Generation 8 is where it is one of the best pivots in the metagame due to its ability to stave off multiple physical attackers in the tier, such as Zacian-H, Zekrom, and Groudon, as well as...
  7. Fusion Flare

    Slowking-Galar {WIP}

    [Overview] :ss/slowking-galar: In the Overview you want to generalize what the Pokemon in question accomplishes in the metagame and where it stands. You will also want to cover its drawbacks and anything else that may hold it back. This should be a pretty basic recap of the Pokemon, an overview...
  8. Fusion Flare

    Project Ubers Victim of the Week - Hiatus

    art by me, Fusion Flare Approved by Icemaster, shamelessly stolen from snow Welcome to the Ubers iteration of Victim of the Week. Hopefully this project will help gather information and spread knowledge of checks and counters to popular Pokemon in the tier. How it works Each week I will...
  9. Fusion Flare

    SS Ubers SHUCKLE and THE FELLAS - A sticky web team, peaked 1640, top 50

    Hello, everyone! I'm Fusion Flare, and I've been screwing around in Ubers ever since DLC2 rolled up onto the block of the SS Ubers crowd. Notably, i am likely best known for being an advent Tangrowth aficionado, though this team won't feature it. Because as you can guess. I've decided to build a...
  10. Fusion Flare

    FUSION FLARE ART THREAD (mostly ms paint, unless???)

    Thanks for stopping by! I've got drawings that you're sure to want to take a gander at! Sword and Shield Banners Pacifistmons for fanyfan NU Bazaar for Abejas before Vikavolt's ban SS RU VR for [REDACTED] before Goodra got banned SS UU Lure that Threat for Lilburr SS RU Speed Tiers for...