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  1. FearNeverDies

    Gen 7 [Gen 7 Ubers] Ground spam: The lords of the earth

    I present my first personal and serious team for gen 7 ubers. Im a big fan from HO playstyles and since i start to learn about the tier i always want to build something that fit with my offensive gameplan, so after a lot of weaks of work i can find this as my first team ever build it!. Team...
  2. FearNeverDies

    Rayquaza [QC: 2/2] [Copyediting: 0/2]

    :bw/rayquaza: [Overview] Rayquaza is a dangerous wallbreaker that can devastate teams thanks to the access to both Dragon Dance and Swords Dance. With access to strong coverage moves such as Dragon Ascent and V-create, its counterplay is fairly limited defensively. It can pressure most...
  3. FearNeverDies


    I take a pokemon that was restricted. Sorry for the incovenience