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  1. Pagoose

    [Stabmons] Heatran [QC: 2/3]

    QC: Eevee General / Unfixable / X GP: X / X [OVERVIEW] An excellent defensive typing of Fire/Steel along with a fire immunity thanks to its Flash Fire ability gives it a total of 9 resistances, 2 immunities and only 3 weaknesses. This allows Heatran to wall many Pokemon, including a number of...
  2. Pagoose

    ORAS OU Between a rock and a hard place: M-Diancie Magnezone Offense

    Hey Smogon! Pagoose here with my first proper RMT. I used this team to get reqs for the Metagross suspect test, going a decent 45-12 and 1600 on the suspect ladder. Without further ado, here is the team. Team Building Process I started with a Mega Gardevoir because I wanted to build around...
  3. Pagoose

    First Team

    Hello, I'm getting back into pokemon after a long hiatus, and this is my first competitive team. Please rate, I guess. Sableye @ Leftovers Ability: Prankster EVs: 252 HP / 8 Spd / 248 SDef Careful Nature - Taunt - Recover - Will-O-Wisp - Foul Play This is my lead. A basic smogon move set. By...