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  1. Chatango chatbox

    Just an idea. I don't know how much it would actually be used but it's much better than irc IMO. Sorry is this has already been discussed.
  2. Server disconnecting people

    I finally got the server to work right but it keeps disconnecting users. It doesn't diconnect all people on usually just one. Heres what I get when I run: Loading properties file... Loading metagame definition file... Loading pokemon database... Unimplemented intrinsic ability: Stall Loading...
  3. Server won't run.

    I tried changing the port and un-forwarding the old one then re-forwarding it but it didn't work. D: Heres what it says when I run it: run: Shoddy Battle (June 2007) - By Colin James Fitzpatrick and Benjamin Gwin. This program is free software. Licensed under the...
  4. Can't connect to server

    I made a server recently and when I type in the host and port number is says error connection refused connect. I did forward the port and other people can get on, I just can't get on from my laptop. localhost doesn't work either.
  5. Can't get on shoddy

    I'm trying to get on shoddy from my laptop using a different internet connection than usual and I get this message: An error occurred while attempting to connect to the server: Malformed reply from SOCKS server I disabled my proxies on IE, Opera, And Firefox and it still won't work. What do I...
  6. This is getting ridiculous I'm winning and my rating is dropping A LOT

    I was laddering and my rating was over 1500 and I hadnt lost and its down to 1480 so then I beat some guy and I check it again and its all the way down to 1469. So I start laddering again get it back to 1480 and once again I win and it goes all the way down to 1450. My name is Karion-Deathfox on...