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  1. Tyranitar

    I've been running Brick Break instead of Superpower, as I've been playing against a lot of screen setters. While it does hit for less damage than Superpower, I like having the option to remove otherwise annoying screens, and it doesn't drop Ttar's defenses, which I think is important when...
  2. Hydreigon (1/2)

    Oh ok, gotcha. I just finished the initial write up, let me know how it looks/reads
  3. Hydreigon (1/2)

    Where do I write it up exactly, does that just mean taking this and posting it in the Dex thread?
  4. Hydreigon (1/2)

    Made the formatting changes and did some proofreading/polishing, removed some extraneous wording throughout. I also added some more calculations under the Team Options section around how much damage Grimmsnarl can reduce via screens under some worst case scenarios. Let me know how it looks and...
  5. Hydreigon (1/2)

    Thanks for the feedback! I've updated the post based on what you said and tried to include some more details, and also fixed up the formatting to be more in line with the guide you posted, lemme know what you think!
  6. Hydreigon (1/2)

    [OVERVIEW] Hydreigon is a great special attacker, hitting harder than the new hotness Dragapult, and packing a wide array of coverage moves. With one of the highest base Sp Atk stats in the game, and a decent base Speed, his stats make him a good choice to close out matches. As a Dmax target...
  7. Resource DOU C&C Reservations Thread

    No problem! I can do Hydreigon then if that’s cool
  8. Resource DOU C&C Reservations Thread

    I'd like a shot at Gyarados
  9. Tyranitar (QC 1/2)

    Thanks for the feedback! This is my first time doing a post like this, especially in singles, but I'm learning a lot and it's incredibly interesting to me. I changed the physical set to include sash and WP. I made the 4th move DD/Earthquake and cut stealth rock, since I figure in that set you...
  10. Tyranitar (QC 1/2)

    Thanks for the feedback! I added a separate Focus Sash set trying to incorporate Dragon Dance. I looked at special attacks, but the gap between his base physical and special is quite big already, it seems like it makes more sense to build physical.
  11. Tyranitar (QC 1/2)

    Woops, sorry about that! I'm still kinda new to the forums, I'll keep an eye out for the Doubles thread(s). I changed this to reflect a Weakness Policy singles build, hope this is more in line with what you're looking for. Thanks!
  12. Battle Spot Ferrothorn

    I've had a lot of fun running Ferrothorn as a wall in Tyranitar/Excadrill sand teams. Leech Seed/Leftovers is already a pain, but the sand damage and Iron Barbs makes attacking into Ferrothorn a risky prospect.
  13. Tyranitar (QC 1/2)

    Name: Bulky Physical Weakness Policy Move 1: Rock Blast / Stone Edge Move 2: Crunch Move 3: Fire Punch Move 4: Dragon Dance / Earthquake Item: Weakness Policy / Focus Sash Ability: Sand Stream Nature: Adamant EVs: 252 Atk / 252 HP / 4 Def [SET COMMENTS] Tyranitar is a bulky physical attacker...
  14. Ask a Simple Question; Get a Simple Answer & General Resources (OU Edition)

    Building and Breeding When you guys build teams essentially from scratch after you know who you want on the team, do you generally just catch them and EV train, or do you do any breeding at all?
  15. Ask a Simple Question; Get a Simple Answer & General Resources (OU Edition)

    Multi-tier I'm just getting into competitive battling, and had a team building question. Is it practical to have a multi-tier team, example a team with mons from OU, UU, and RU? Unrelated to team building, does holding a Lucky Egg have any bearing on EV training, and would you guys recommend...
  16. Apprentice Program: Round Sixty Five

    Username: asdfjkl Age: 19 Pokemon Online/Pokemon Showdown/Shoddy Username: asdfjkl Your timezone and usual hours of availability: GMT -5, 3pm to 12am What tier do you want to learn?: BW OU, UU, RU Tell us a little about yourself: i've been playing pokemon since red back in the day. I've always...