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  1. Island Spices

    ORAS UU Power - Banded Heracross Offense [outdated]

    Power An Island Spices RMT An ORAS UU team that is consistent and intimidating. Introduction While participating in the perpetually entertaining activity of laddering, I became frustrated with the prevalence of bad stall teams. The teams that I were using were incapable of breaking said teams...
  2. Island Spices

    ORAS UU Pepper ur Angus ORAS UU Balance (peak #15 ORAS UU ladder) [outdated]

    Pepper ur Angus Island Spices RMT An ORAS UU team that managed to get me pretty high on the ladder. It features Mega Abomasnow, a very underrated threat. Click here for proof of peak Firstly, shout out to DMT(click here for Smogon page) for showing off Mega Abomasnow. He plays Pokemon and...