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  1. okispokis

    Copyediting Infernape (GP 0/1)

    [OVERVIEW] Infernape is a menacing addition to offensive teams with its solid speed tier, powerful dual STAB moves and access to U-turn. Said STAB combination is almost unresisted in the tier and allows Infernape to prey on common staples like Scizor, Heatran, Blissey and Magnezone. Infernape is...
  2. okispokis

    Pet Mod Bust a Move (Playable on Dragon Heaven!) [See you in SV!]

    -Approved by AquaticPanic Bust a Move Welcome to Bust a Move, the Pet Mod all about taking the many moves that have failed to leave a lasting impression and buffing them to the point where they are viable in Singles Competitive on at least one Pokemon. This is a National Dex meta, so submitters...
  3. okispokis

    Pokémon Tapu Bulu

    Tapu Bulu Base Stats: 70 HP/130 Attack/115 Defense/85 SpA/95 SpD/75 Speed Level Up Leafage Rock Smash Withdraw Disable Leech Seed Mega Drain Whirlwind Horn Attack Scary Face Horn Leech Zen Headbutt Mean Look Nature's Madness Wood Hammer Megahorn Skull Bash Grassy Terrain TMs Mega Punch Hyper...