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  1. Empress Mobile

    Tracing the origins of "goes brrrr"

    I am curious about the excessive use of this phrase on the site so I had a few questions. I have been around a long time but not consistently active. I am aware of the origin of the phrase in general but not its adoption on this site. 1) Why do users evoke this phrase ad nauseum, sometimes...
  2. Empress Mobile

    I'm not a furry BUT

    If you were a furry what would you go for
  3. Empress Mobile

    Pokémon Omastar

    Omastar (Praise Helix) Rock / Water Base Stats - 70 HP / 60 Atk / 125 Def / 115 SpA / 70 SpD / 55 Spe Abilities: Swift Swim | Shell Armor | Weak Armor Moveset Level Up TM TR Move Tutor 1Love u Pokemon Database xoxo Newly Obtainable Moves Meteor Beam Sand Attack Pin Missle Notable...
  4. Empress Mobile


    [OVERVIEW] Premier check for the multitude of Fighting, Grass and Bug type Pokemon in OU Excellent Attack stat and decent speed tier Decent bulk and 4x resistance to Fighting and Grass type moves gives more opportunities for setup Excellent ability which gives Pinsir a spammable STAB attack and...
  5. Empress Mobile

    Dream World Metagame?

    The abilities granted in B/W's Dream World could absolutely be metagame changing. Speed Boost Blaziken, etc., could easily dominate the upper reaches of the OU tier whereas otherwise it would be stuck with a rather shitluster ability. Do you think Smogon should set up a Dream World server to...
  6. Empress Mobile

    LOL Unfireban me already

    Suggestion ^
  7. Empress Mobile

    Move Jumpluff back to GSC OU

    It was OU forever and whoever moved it down did so without any real reason to do so I assume. It was certainly used enough to gain the OU title. Whoops, forgot to add what this would do to benefit the site. It would make the tiers more accurate and would allow users to use the site as a...
  8. Empress Mobile

    Shoddy Battle bug

    There is a bug on Shoddy Battle that causes Solarbeam to take 2 turns to charge (ie 3 turns to attack) in a Sandstorm. This is not the effect of Sandstorm, as it takes only 1 turn to charge (ie 2 turns attack) but the power is halved to 60 BP.
  9. Empress Mobile

    Speed Boosts and Random Musings

    Opening words: This team was designed rather quickly but I was able to get some good test runs out of it. I know there must be something missing, though. I am rather bad at the prediction game, so I know that contributes to my seasoned losses but I feel that tweaking this team on the most basic...
  10. Empress Mobile

    shoddy battle is shoddy

    This is my fucking problem. Why do I have to download 3 different programs and deal with command prompts if it can't even locate a fucking java file. What do I need to do? EDIT: Just to make it clear how fed up I am about the complexity of something so shitting simple, I'll let you know what...
  11. Empress Mobile

    Team "Everyone Wants Me to Die" (UU)

    Persian (M) @ Choice Band Ability: Limber EVs: 170 HP/86 Atk/252 Spd Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk) - Return - U-turn - Switcheroo - Protect Everyone knows this set fairly well. At first, I thought it would be gimmicky and useless, but it has proven to be a valuable member of my team. Its stats...