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    Pet Mod Bust a Move (Playable on Dragon Heaven!) [See you in SV!]

    :sv/ludicolo: GROOVE IT OUT! Okay seriously though, even though I didn't sub much this mod was really cool, I enjoyed it! Hopefully this gets a reboot for Gen 9
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    [Gen 9] Modern Gen 1

    Use whatever you wish, I'm not your dad.
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    Overview Behold, the single most dominant Pokemon in any OU tier in history. Snorlax combines power and resilience with deadly unpredictability, a set of traits that lands it a spot on virtually all serious teams. Its presence defines the GSC metagame, all but forcing teams to play one or more...
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    Pet Mod Super Smash Stereotypes - Slate 48: Psychic/Flying, Dragon/Fighting, Dark/Rock

    :sv/hakamo-o: Pokemon: Hakamo-o Mod of Origin: Dex Reversal Stats: 70/110/80/55/80/105 (BST: 500) Type: Abilities: Bulletproof / Soundproof / Overcoat Movepool: Vanilla Hakamo-o Movepool Description: Funny Dragon Dance abuser with awesome coverage moves.
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    [Gen 9] Crossover Chaos

    Reasoning: - Stats are all less than 100 to mention they are mainly threatening in numbers (also hence No Retreat, Population Bomb, etc.) - The Lightning Strike Signature Item references Piglins being able to be struck by lightning to turn into the Zombified Piglin - Gold Trade and Bartering...
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    Pet Mod Pokétypos (Slate 2: Single Stage Pokemon)

    :bw/tauros: Original Pokemon: Tauros New Pokemon: Maulos Type: Ghost Abilities: Strong Jaw / Berserk Stats: 95 / 100 / 105 / 30 / 65 / 85 Weight: same as regular tauros Movepool Changes: + Crunch, Psychic Fangs, Fire Fang, Bite, Thunder Fang, Shadow Claw, Poltergeist, Grudge, Astonish - normal...
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    epic BB code failure

    epic BB code failure
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    Pet Mod Book of Enigmas - Slate 1: The Beginning (now with Paradox Pokemon!)

    :sv/raticate: Name: Gluttonous Rabid Original Pokemon: Raticate Type: Ability: Corrupting Storm Stats: 152 / 122 / 50 / 96 / 60 / 90 Paradox: Sea (corruption) New Moves: + Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Outrage Removed Moves: - Swords Dance, Curse Description: Okay seriously though, this mon is...
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    Pet Mod [Gen 1] Burgundy Version - Slate 1: Pokemon Buffs

    All except: Body Slam can paralyze Normal types Stadium Crit Mechanics Next-Gen Counter GSC Freeze Mechanics
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    Metagame Full Potential [Leader's Choice]

    Allow me to showcase a mon that has been underlooked: :sv/tinkaton: Tinkaton (F) @ Assault Vest Ability: Mold Breaker EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpD / 252 Spe Careful Nature - Gigaton Hammer - Knock Off - Play Rough - Fake Out You could definitely come up with better sets with this fairy...
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    what the fuck is alphabet lore

    i mean, you are right, this thing is actually milked to death
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    What Pokémon Trainer Class are You?

    imagine not being unique
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    Pet Mod Pokétypos (Slate 2: Single Stage Pokemon)

    That bulk is still absolutely absurd for a mon like that, I'm not a council member or anything but you really need to tone down the bulk A LOT.
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    Pet Mod Book of Enigmas - Slate 1: The Beginning (now with Paradox Pokemon!)

    Ability Pair: anaconja, jazzmat, Yoshiblaze, sharpen42, Gekokeso Prefix: None
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    Solomods Megathread

    Hello everyone! So, I've finally done it, an update for Roulettemons: The Solomod! I've actually been REALLY wanting to make this for a long time, but lack of motivation had pushed me away from it for a while. Without further ado, here it is! There will be five new Roulettemon added to the meta...
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    Tauros is the most iconic Pokemon in RBY OU, and its presence has been shaping the tier for as long as it has existed. Tauros is undoubtedly the strongest offensive threat in the tier, thanks to its powerful Body Slams and Hyper Beams paired with the coverage moves to hit any Pokemon that...
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    Pet Mod Pokétypos (Slate 2: Single Stage Pokemon)

    :bw/sceptile: Original Pokemon: Sceptile New Pokemon: Sceptrial Type: Abilities: Justified / Pressure Stats: 75 / 107 / 70 / 107 / 71 / 100 Weight: 53 kg Movepool Changes: + close combat, psychic, aura sphere, zen headbutt, psycho cut, trailblaze, echoed voice, confusion, tackle, coaching...
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    “Smog-off makes” an SV OU team

    can we make a stall-HO hybrid since they got almost an equal amount of votes
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    Solomods Megathread

    funny gen 8 solomod im also throwing in here: Roulettemons: The Solomod (Note: This mod doesn't feature Baloon or Albatrygon, I just wanted to show them as funny little icons) Welcome to Roulettemons: The Solomod! This is literally Roulettemons, but a solomod, but also aims to take a lower-tier...
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    Resource Pet Mods Workshop Thread

    Someone actually submitted that concept in there!