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  1. zorbees

    Posting Gym

  2. zorbees

    ITT You’re On a Road Trip With The Whole Entire Smogoff Community and I’m driving

    yo i always heard it as "Take one down, pass it around" not "if one of those bottles would happen to fall"
  3. zorbees

    Show me your rarest Pokémon card

    read the card noob that charizard has no resistances
  4. zorbees

    wheres waldo

  5. zorbees

    Memes You Found Mk. 2

    Decided to give Snessy! a Haha react because I support piracy
  6. zorbees

    Its 2008 Again

    ravens just drafted this flacco kid, i think he might end up as one of the elite qbs
  7. zorbees

    Jazz crabs

    i found a gif of a crab listening to jazz
  8. zorbees

    secret base

    hint number 1: hint number 2 is hidden somewhere in one of my old posts
  9. zorbees

    secret base

    if u want the location to the hideout, you must guess the password
  10. zorbees

    Pokémon Smogoff Edition

    well if theres a skarmory, i think we need a pink blob to go with it Here is a blank template: :ss/Chansey: Name: zorbees Typing: Fairy Stats: 250/5/5/5/5/5 (nobody said we can't take away stats) Signature Move: Sprinkles ( 70 BP | Fairy | Special | 100% accuracy | hits physical defense...
  11. zorbees

    I Will Use This Thread As A Replacement To YahooAnswers

    in your own words, what does the word "the" mean?
  12. zorbees

    ITT post obscure words that you enjoy using

    learned these words but cant spell them all correctly smh
  13. zorbees

    The PS Staff Battle Royale

    i probably did less work in 8 years than anyone with a Contributer badge does in 1 day
  14. zorbees

    The PS Staff Battle Royale

    the forum isnt pokemon showdown also i barely did any work and was a mod for like 8 years
  15. zorbees

    The PS Staff Battle Royale

    really i think what we need to learn is that no matter who wins the battle royale, you're all losers for moderating pokemon showdown
  16. zorbees

    Smogoff CAP - Art Thread (itt draw pretty horsies)

    zorbees keep going until it works
  17. zorbees

    rabbits in minecraft

    where is the option in the poll for minecraft and pokemon both being cringe
  18. zorbees

    Think of a guy