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  1. idea

    Pending Use pp maxed numbers when using pp= with /ms and when sorting by pp

    When using /ms pp=[number] you have to use the number without any pp ups used. I think it would make more sense to use the pp maxed numbers instead since everything else on PS automatically assumes you are using max pp. You can't allow using both maxed and non-maxed pp values since pp=40 would...
  2. idea

    Approved Change Gluttony’s (long) description to be more informative

    Currently, Gluttony’s description reads When this Pokemon has 1/2 or less of its maximum HP, it uses certain Berries early. this doesn't explain what berries exactly Gluttony affects. Something like This Pokemon uses berries normally used at 1/4 or less of its maximum HP when it has 1/2 or less...
  3. idea

    Done Don't require capitalization when using force monotype

    When using force monotype=Type as a tour/challenge rule, you need to capitalize the type. This isn't a big deal by any means, but unless there's some reason it needs to be this way it would be nice if it could be removed since this is, afaik, the only thing on showdown where capitalization...
  4. idea

    Done Alter/don’t show weather backgrounds if air lock/cloud nine is in effect

    It’s fairly easy to miss the fact that air lock/cloud nine is active since there’s no visual indication of it. If it’s possible to slightly change the backgrounds to be more muted that would be a nice QoL change.
  5. idea

    Done Make the broadcast cooldown for commands apply to aliases of that command

    Currently it's impossible to broadcast a command twice within a certain period of time, but that only applies to the alias of the command used, and not any other aliases. If it's feasible to do this it would be nice to stop things such as the below screenshot from occurring.
  6. idea

    Done Account for max moves when warning that a Pokémon having more than four moves is usually a sign of illusion.

    While this is rather minor, it would be nice if showing that message required the mon using four moves which aren’t “fake” (“fake” meaning moves that are not actually moves in the mon’s set of four moves, i.e., not max moves, z-moves, struggle, moves used while transformed, moves copied by...
  7. idea

    Done Add a short alias for /hidetext, /hidelines, and /cleartext

    Hiding text is something you want to be able to do quickly in many cases so I think this would be useful. There aren’t any two letter aliases you could use for /hidetext or /hidelines as far as I know (/helpticket and /highlight are /ht and /hl respectively) but adding something like /htext for...
  8. idea

    Pending Add abbreviations for targets in movesearch

    Targets is nice to have as a search parameter, but it’s somewhat annoying to have to type out /ms targets all adjacent (opponents), or /ms targets any adjacent (opponents). It would be nice if something like /ms targets all/any adj (opp) worked.
  9. idea

    Done Change the long description of rising voltage to properly reflect that the opponent must be grounded for it to receive the boost

    It currently states that "If the current terrain is Electric Terrain, this move's power is doubled" while the short description correctly states that it only gets the power boost if the target is grounded.
  10. idea

    Pending Add a warning when u-turn/volt-switch fails to switch you out because of emergency exit/eject button

    This interaction is not well known which often leads to confusion when it occurs. Even if you do know about this interaction, if you aren't paying attention it's easy to switch normally without realizing your switch was replaced by the one from emergency exit/eject button. On a related note, it...
  11. idea

    Pending Add “useful” as a search parameter for /ms

    Having a way to filter out moves in the “usually useless” section of a pokemon’s movepool would be quite helpful. This would obviously only be a matter of convenience—one could just use the teambuilder—but it would be very nice to have the ability to do this.
  12. idea

    Rejected Set special attack IVs to 0 if the pokemon has no special attacks

    The existence of power split means that it is technically better to have a lower special attack if you have no special attacks.
  13. idea

    Metagame Scalemons

    approved by drampa's grandpa and Ransei Scalemons In Scalemons, every Pokemon's stats, barring HP, are scaled to give them a BST as close to 600 as possible, meaning that some BSTs might be a bit lower or higher than 600, with all recalculated stats being rounded down. This is all done using...