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  1. VoolPool

    why do i not get a lot of likes

    i always make the best posts but i only get a few likes :C what am i doing wrong habububuss AhHHAFFH!
  2. VoolPool

    Vool's Pool

    V O O L'sdingSpce P O O L *splash* Maybe one day this could be custom *sob* btw I'm black and my avatar doesn't look like me at all (and no I don't wanna be white t just matches the blue theme!) Hi, I am the semi-infamous VoolPool (sorry!) and this is my art thread. I do not consider myself...
  3. VoolPool

    Would You Rather

    This is the official thread for would you rather where you post would you rather questions and u either respond with LIKE for the first option or LOVE for the second option. This means only one question per post. You may also dissccuss options between others. Would you rather [Option 1] or...
  4. VoolPool

    useless facts thread

    Post useless facts i'll go first 1. A blue whales heart is the size of a car 2. Rubber Band last longer when refrigerated 3. Me and your mom ducked last night 4. A ducks quack does not echo 5. Wearing condoms is for betas 6. Egar allan poe married his 13 year old cousin (sweet home...
  5. VoolPool


    talk gams you play and tips and tricks. do not spoil story gam talk gam hype and gam u gonna buy all ting gam no spoil capeesh ok start gam talk Brawl Stars is such a banger mobile game like can we jsut appreciate its existentence? anyway, hear are some starter topics best console? best game...
  6. VoolPool

    Movtivational Speech

    When I was five years old, I was five. How old were you? If you think about it, 2+3 is not five. And it is.
  7. VoolPool

    Smogoff is great

    Smogoff has litterrally had me dead for the past 30 minutes so repost top tier funnies here make sure to credit the author btw
  8. VoolPool

    SS OU Cloy Screens HO

    :cloyster: :volcarona: :dragapult: :Thundurus-Therian: :excadrill: :Grimmsnarl: Hey, first rmt here. So basically I was going for simple screens HO featuring hella threats like Cloy subpult and rona. All members are subjetct to change and id really appreciate feed back. :ss/Cloyster: Cloyster...