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  1. Initiatedog

    SS OU Replay - Volt-Turn Rain Offense

    Yoyo! I am back with another RMT, I was thinking of volt turn on rain. It ended up working too well. Without further ado, I present to you, Replay! Listen to this song whilst reading the RMT and laddering for social esteem! :) THE TEAM: :sm/pelipper: :sm/Barraskewda: :sm/Rotom-Wash...
  2. Initiatedog

    SS OU Sloshing Stall Slayers - Hail Hazard Stack HO

    Yo, yo! I am back with my 4th RMT and after last time, ( I eventually scrapped the team for being too passive to be on rain, I turned to hail and looked into making it extremely offensive, and specifically...
  3. Initiatedog

    SS OU Rain BO ft Wish Pass Clefable

    Hey everyone! I am back with my 3rd RMT and this time I tried to build rain. This team seems to be doing the worst out of the 3 RMTs I’ve done, but with some changes I think it could have the most potential. Without further ado let’s get into the team. Pokepaste...
  4. Initiatedog

    SS OU Looking for team help - Grass Spam Quad Choice Item HO

    Hello everyone! This is my second RMT and I really wanted to use HO, so I decided to build my own and want to know what to improve. THE TEAM: :sm/ninetales-alola: :sm/garchomp: :sm/tapu-lele: :sm/rillaboom: :sm/kartana: :sm/blacephalon: SETS: :sm/ninetales-alola: Ninetales-Alola @ Light Clay...
  5. Initiatedog

    SS OU Looking for team help - A Malicious Burn

    Hi everyone! This is my first RMT and I‘m looking for team help, without further ado here’s the team. I present to you, A Malicious Burn! THE TEAM: :sm/bisharp: :sm/volcanion: :sm/landorus-therian: :sm/slowbro: :sm/melmetal: :sm/tornadus-therian: SETS: :sm/bisharp: Bisharp @ Black Glasses...