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  1. Clawed Nyasu

    Nyasu's Recent Arts WOOOO!

    I'm starting another art thread, yay! It will mostly contain sprites! I've got other stuff too, though. ~ Devamps My latest obsession! They're tons of fun! I do plan on making a stat screen for Reshi, just haven't gotten a chance to yet since he's brand new. :3 I AM CRAZY FOR MAKING...
  2. Clawed Nyasu

    Nyasu does arts and such

    Hullo Smogon, I'm fairly new here (joined because I was dying to comment/vote/participate in CAP8), and just sort of stuck around... I have an undying love for pixel art. Started it Dec '04...never bothered to read any tutorials; just figured I'd teach myself how... =P I used to do primarily...