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  1. Low-Key

    Pokémon Kilowattrel

    Stats: 70 HP | 70 ATK | 60 DEF | 105 SPA | 60 SPD | 125 SPE Abilities: Wind Power | Volt Absorb | Competitive Notable Moves: Air Slash Discharge Hurricane Roost Tera Blast Thunderbolt U-turn Volt Switch New Ability: Wind Power Whenever this Pokemon is hit by a wind-based move or if Tailwind...
  2. Low-Key

    Pokémon Revavroom

    LES GOOOOO Stats: 80 HP | 119 ATK | 90 DEF | 54 SPA | 67 SPD | 90 SPE Abilities: Overcoat | Filter Notable Moves: Gunk Shot Iron Head Parting Shot Poison Jab Shift Gear Spin Out* Taunt Zen Headbutt *New move: Spin Out | | | 100% Acc | 8 PP | Lower's the user's Speed by 2 upon usage...
  3. Low-Key

    Pokémon Arboliva

    Grass/Normal Base Stats: 78/69/90/125/109/39 Abilities: Seed Sower / Harvest Notable Moves: - Dazzling Gleam - Earth Power - Energy Ball - Giga Drain - Growth (in Weather) - Hyper Voice - Solar Beam (in Weather) - Strength Sap - Synthesis - Tera Blast - Weather Ball (in Weather) New Ability...
  4. Low-Key

    Pet Mod Impersonators V2 (Conclusion!) (Coded up to Slate 6!)

    Original Thread by Cookie Butter Approved by Pet Mods Staff Sprite by KeeganSkymin4444 Impersonators V2 Welcome to Impersonators V2! The idea of this Pet Mod is for a Pokémon to "replace" another Pokémon, taking some of their key features in the process. When a Pokémon "replaces" or...
  5. Low-Key

    uh oh! there's a contagious disease in the smogon world! And That Is Adult Swim!

    (basically just take a shit on adult swim ig and also react to this)
  6. Low-Key

    condom's public execution

    :bw/bulbasaur: hello my fellow smogoffers. it has come to my attention that i should execute (and release) this bulbasaur, named condom. over the course of many months, people have always wanted to release this very one bulbasaur, and put it out of its misery. i am not sure why people would want...
  7. Low-Key


    my discord account got hacked and i didn't notice. i am extremely sorry for not checking sooner or later, i'm going to make a new discord account so this doesn't happen to me again. if you were in this incident when this happened, i'm sorry see ya! :heart:
  8. Low-Key

    Are smogoff ruining the metagame?

    Hear me out guys Are smogoff ruining the metagame?
  9. Low-Key

    My Shop

    Well hello there user, didn't see you there! Welcome to our shop, we order the finest food around here (and other products!) Don't worry, if we fail it's on us ;) Anyways, here's our menu for today: Well then. Get buying, won't you?
  10. Low-Key

    Low-Key's Art n' Sprites

    Yo it's me, the Smogoff champ himself, ready to present some of my finest works ever since. Keep in mind, my drawings are literally horrible lol, use the spoilers to navigate i want to hug this but i can't ;-;[/SPOILER] If I have any more art to show you I might present it here
  11. Low-Key

    Things you think are really underrated

    No messing around people, this is a serious thread. Post things that you think are underrated and deserve to get more recognition As an example, I love math. It's one of my favorite subjects of school. There, rant about it.
  12. Low-Key

    Rejected Be able to dexsearch Pokemon by their category

    Title says it all. You would be able to dexsearch Pokemon by their category. As far as I know I tested it and it says it couldn't be found in the search categories, so we should implement in just in case. Sure, it still might be useless, but at least it gets the job done.
  13. Low-Key

    i am no longer i could be banned

    yay epic :blobwizard: also, for snessy, please don't say i have a custom title as well. i no longer have one lol
  14. Low-Key

    pain scale

    how do you fall on the pain scale? find out with this post (just post here and i'll tell you)
  15. Low-Key

    rip eric carle

    i bet y'all who read the the hungry caterpillar are shitting your pants right now but still, rip my man, may god bless him
  16. Low-Key

    (TBF) Smogoff CAP Good Cores

    Well, well, well, what do we have here... This thread is DEDICATED to Smogoff CAP cores that have the holy horse, Bramble! Feel free to post your epic cores here and make sure they're HOT. Well, get your cores posting!
  17. Low-Key

    Profile - Low-Key

    (just filler until i make my custom trainer sprite) Trainer Name: Low-Key Pokemon Team: :amoonguss: :gallade: :goodra: W/L/T: 0/3/0 Rental Counters: 3 Training Counters: 3 Judge Counters: 6 Current Battles: None Battle History: Items: Key Items: None Prize Claims:
  18. Low-Key

    Make images based off text

    DALL-E: (yup, that's the guys that made musenet.) DeepAI's Text to Image API: have fun with crazy stuff.
  19. Low-Key

    guys smogon is a VIRUS!!!1!!1!11!!11!!!1!!!

    DO NOT DOWNLOAD SMOGON GUYS!!!1!!!!!@!1!!111!1
  20. Low-Key

    I'm just wondering

    Why the hell is everyone making these y'all know to not make joke formats lol :psynervous: