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  1. GeniusX

    ORAS OU ♛Red Malice♛ M-Scizor Offense (1731 ELO Peak/78% GXE)

    How's it going Smogon! GeniusX here and today I'm here to present a team built around Mega Scizor. Scizor has always been my 2nd favorite Pokemon for a long time now and I have never built a serious team around it. So today I will be presenting a Scizor team I built during my exam period...
  2. GeniusX

    ORAS OU DragonSpiral (1700+)

    Banner by me :) (I know it sucks) Hi, guys! GeniusX here, and I'm here to present to everybody a successful OU team that I made! Recently in my life, a lot of stuff has been going on. Such as my final exams, my piano concert, and a whole bunch of other stuff. So because of my busy schedule, I...
  3. GeniusX

    ORAS UU Darkness: KrookDoom Offense (Peak #107 on PS)

    How's it going Smogon! This is my second RMT on a team I made a few weeks ago with great success. I have been playing this team since I started UU (Which was like 3 weeks ago) and managed to peak on the ladder and win a few room tours. (With the exception of losing to celebi kevin twice -_-#)...
  4. GeniusX

    ORAS UU Gen Wunners Favorite Team A Kanto Volt-Turn (First RMT)

    Threats of the Past Hi, I'm new to Smogon RMT and is here to make a RMT on a team that i made recently. I am a OU player but due to OU suspect, I decided to make a UU team to ladder and play with. As a Gen wunner, I decided to build my team consisting of 6 Gen 1 Pokemon. I found out a lot of...