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  1. Ardy

    Let's Play! Ardy Plays Pokemon Unite: Bottom Tier Version!

    Hello all! So, I've been playing Pokemon Unite on and off since release, and currently its the main game me and my boyfriend play together, so I wanted to do a Lets Play of it because its exam season again and I need an excuse to not study. So without further ado, lets get into it! So, if you...
  2. Ardy

    SS OU Double Scarf Beast Boost

    Hey everyone! With gen 8 coming to a close soon, Ive decided to post a team I made recently thats really proved its worth to me. I used this team to peak on the ladder several times, and recently to get suspect reqs for Melm. Its a pretty solid offensive team, and I hope you enjoy using it as...
  3. Ardy

    Profile: Ardy

    Trainer Name: Winter Pokemon Team: Druddigon / Vulpix-A / Justyke W/L/T: 0/0/0 Rental Counters: 0 Training Counters: 0 Judge Counters: 12 Current Battles: None Battle History: None Items: None Key Items: None Prize Claims: None
  4. Ardy

    Pet Mod SS OU Theorymon (Completed)

    Banner made by lavarina Hello everyone! Welcome to SS OU Theorymons! This is a reworking of the old OU Theorymons project that has since been abandoned. The goal of this project is to "fix" niche and unseen Pokemon in the SS OU Metagame with small buffs. For the purposes of this Pet Mod, I will...
  5. Ardy

    Ardy Nuzlockes Renegade Platinum!

    Hello everyone! Yes, Im back, yes, I love you all, no, we will not be commenting on my abandoned projects. If youre particularly interested and this if your first time seeing me, you can find aforementioned abandoned projects here, here, and here. If youre not interested in reliving my past...
  6. Ardy

    SS UU SS UU Rain Team

    Hey everyone! Now, weather offense is my absolute favorite team style to run (prolly since I started playing comp way back when BW first released) and UU has been my favorite tier since BW as well, so Pelipper falling to UU this month was like a dream come true for me. Within days of it...
  7. Ardy

    Let's Play! Ardy Plays Pokemon: Snyder Cut Edition! (Pokemon Reborn Lets Play)

    Hey all! So I was just minding my own business last night watching Futurama season 7 and eating ice cream out of the tub when my friend messaged me to tell me he was finally playing Radical Red after I recommended it to him way back in October. We were chatting for a bit, which led to him...
  8. Ardy

    Let's Play! Weathering The Storm in Radical Red!

    Hello everyone! Im Ardy, you may know me from my abandoned Blazed Glazed playthrough, or my abandoned Gaia drunklocke, or my abandoned GPS Monster Scouter playthrough, or my abandonment issues rooted in a childhood fear of loneliness. If you dont, excellent! Welcome to my playthrough of Pokemon...
  9. Ardy

    Let's Play! Ardy Plays GPS Monster Scouter!

    Well Some of you may know me from my long abandoned Blazed Glazed playthrough and my recently abandoned Gaia playthrough (I swear it was not because I got too drunk the first time). I really enjoy making these playthroughs but the problem is Im too busy to really get any time to play them...
  10. Ardy

    Ardy's Pokemon Gaia Drunklocke!

    Hello everyone! Im Ardy, and I have to wake up for work in 7 hours so of course Im going to start this playthrough now. If you missed it here is my playthrough of Pokemon Blazed Glazed. Im pretty excited to get into this playthrough, so lets jump right into it! The Game: Pokemon Gaia is a rom...
  11. Ardy

    Let's Play! Ardy plays Pokemon Blazed Glazed!

    Hey everyone, I'm Ardy, and Im currently procrastinating my college assignments by playing ROM Hacks. I've seen a lot of people posting their Let's Plays here, and I wanted to try that out too. So without further ado, here is my Lets Play of Pokemon Blazed Glazed! The Game: Pokemon Blazed...
  12. Ardy


    Approved by G-Luke There are currently over 800 Pokemon, with 441 fully evolved Pokemon and even some interesting NFEs. Despite this, A couple of games of OU will show a very centralized metagame, based around a few key Pokemon such as Toxapex, Lando-T, and Tapu Koko, to name a few. This...
  13. Ardy

    Profiles Profile: Ardy

    Trainer Name: Terry Pokemon: Nidoran-M, Tyrunt, Magikarp Currency Counters: 7 Items: 1x Amulet Coin 1x EXP Share 1x Jaw Fossil Miscellaneous: Nothing yet!
  14. Ardy

    SM OU Mega Sableye Stall

    EDIT: Idk whats the deal with all the attachments at the bottom, but idk how to fix it so I guess its just there for now Hi there, Im Ardy, and I think its time for me to showcase a team that Ive had a lot of fun with throughout the Gen 7 metagame. This is my Mega Sableye based stall team...