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  1. Tungdil

    SS OU Fatty Bird Spam SS OU! (please help)

    I start by saying there is another Bird Spam team in this gen. However, what I'm trying here is quite different, and I'd love to hear from the community. Here is the team :Corviknight: :Zapdos-Galar: :Moltres: :Gastrodon: :Ferrothorn: :Hydreigon:, and here are the sets: Corviknight @ Rocky...
  2. Tungdil


    I am trying to use a BO team (I hate HO btw) that makes extensive use of U-turn. Although sometimes I get sporadic victories against unprepared teams, on average, I lose more than win. I still don't know if it is my fault as an inexperienced player or if the team has a lot of drawbacks that I...
  3. Tungdil

    You're a real pokemon trainer

    You're a real Pokemon trainer, which implies the pokemon world is real. You were born in one of the regions and have your own story following the game canon. Given that, tell us how you got your first pokemon.
  4. Tungdil

    SS OU OU Suboptimal Bulky Offense: Tyrantrum/Gengar core

    Hello everyone, this is my SS OU team. Actually, I've been using this same team since XY, but I'm trying to update to this meta. I should note that I'm losing a lot when I replace any Pokemon of the main team, but I listed the main other possibilities I've been trying anyway. The Team (6)...
  5. Tungdil

    National Dex NatDex Suboptimal Bulky Offense: Tyrantrum/Gengar core (updated!)

    Hello everybody! I'm a huge fan of the Pokemon franchise since 1gen, I've built dozens of teams over the years. I've been playing pokemon showdown for fun mainly 6 and 7gen, but I loved this National Dex format in which we can choose among a lot of options. So this is my team, I'd really...