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  1. XY Ubers Laddering Challenge

    Ill try this out. I post my alt once I actually decide to commit to making a team.
  2. Assault Vest

    D Does palkia really appreciate the extra bulk? From my experince it already took sp. Attacks pretty well.
  3. Blue Frog's Thread Spam

    You said you used gimp for the first time in that manaphy piece. What were you using before? Also the basic lighting structure looks fine. Things only sorta fall apart at the bottom where we see the shadow overlapping the hands and feet. I do like the boldness of this work.
  4. Other Freed Ubers

    Can you paralyze genesect relatively easily. After that you can just bring in something to finish it.
  5. 3v3 Singles Metagame Discussion Thread

    Seems like some trial and error will be involved. This should be fun!
  6. 3v3 Singles Metagame Discussion Thread

    do I need to have balance between defensive and offensive mons?
  7. 3v3 Singles Metagame Discussion Thread

    I'm intrested in learning about the meta. I was thinking about using a garchomp. What should are some good partners? Also how does team synergy work in this tier. Do you even have a pokemon that you normally send out.
  8. Delphi's Canvas

    I feel as if I get the basics behind shadows. I don't understand shadow shapes. Even though shadows can be stylized I don't understand why they look good/bad when stylized.
  9. Delphi's Canvas

    I really like the esppur picture. The details around the eyes are cool. Also the shadows in the first Misc. picture is are just cool. Shadows are something I need to spend some time studying. If you got any tips send them my way.
  10. Other Good Cores

    @ Shuckler wouldn't charizard X and maybe victini be able to break through this core or atleast take a large dent out of it.
  11. Palkia

    Let us not forget about choice scarf palkia. This allows it to be a speed demon out-speeding many threats and hitting them with STAB spacial rend or hydro pump(if you opt for that over outrage).
  12. ・゚✧ (≖ᴗ≖✿) Potatoville ✧*・

    poor shpeal :(. I like joltank though.
  13. Ho-Oh

    I am using a leftovers set with toxic and ho-oh doesn't give a crap about Xerneas. A lot of the problem that come up with ho-oh seems to come with more offensive sets.
  14. Gen 6 General XY Ubers Metagame Discussion

    Yeah. You can probably limit speed in betters way than relying on sticky web smergale. Maybe something random like thundurus will get it. lol @ prankster
  15. Other 6th Gen Pokemon UU Candidate Speculation Thread

    Many mons that were previously OU are still OU. Atleast the hard hitters. We might see some shifts in defensive mons. What did you have in mind that was in BW OU that is going to be in XY UU?
  16. Other Is Weather Still Viable?

    lol, Palkia is in a different league than politoed. Plus palkia has kyorge in ubers which is a better rain inducer.
  17. Other 6th Gen Pokemon UU Candidate Speculation Thread

    zygarde in Uu would be like kyurem in uu/limbo. It is just too powerful for uu.
  18. Other Is Weather Still Viable?

    I think this the way to play. People in bw2 ubers used t-tar in this manner. People just need to build teams that work well in weather. Half of the usefulness of weather was being taken out with many abilities that benefited from eeather got banned
  19. What's up. I don't know if you remember me from AIB/general smash community. I saw you on the...

    What's up. I don't know if you remember me from AIB/general smash community. I saw you on the battle spot leader boards. Great work!!!
  20. Ask an Uber Question, Get an Uber Answer (Read FAQs in First Post Before Asking)

    Yeah that works, but that is assuming you have a lot of intuitive knowledge about the game in the first place.