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  1. Eien

    Sure 9. See you then

    Sure 9. See you then
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    Sure. 8pm Saturday your time?

    Sure. 8pm Saturday your time?
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    Quality Control Rotom-W (Water) [QC: 2/3] [GP: 0/2] (Written)

    Thanks. Implemented and written.
  4. Eien

    Quality Control Celebi (Psychic) [QC: 1/3] [GP: 0/2]

    Implemented. Also when I was reading through this analysis, I realized I shouldn't write when I'm really tired. Celebi doesn't learn Encore.
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    Tournament Monotype Champions

    won gg
  7. Eien

    I'm pdt

    I'm pdt
  8. Eien

    Weekend works as long as I know early. Weekdays after 8pm my time is also ok

    Weekend works as long as I know early. Weekdays after 8pm my time is also ok
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    Garchomp (Dragon) [QC 0/3] [GP 0/2]

    I'm really sorry for how long this has been sitting here in limbo. Unfortunately, I'm going to 3/3 QC reject this. I got confused by a lot of areas where i wasn't sure what was being discussed. For example, you mention Lum Berry sets can Swords Dance up against Mega Sableye in the Usage Tips...
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    Project Pokemon Monotype Gym Challenge League

    Hi Endermagicain new threads must be approved by the forum moderators before they may be posted. Also, please do not advertise, and that includes advertising Discord servers.
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    Tournament Monotype Premier League IV - Week 4

    Saffron Sabers vs. Littleroot Lotads SM: Leru vs. Shiba SM: Charmflash vs. Seager SM: Harpp vs. Pak SM: Nat vs. DrReuniclus ORAS: Eien vs. obii ORAS: Namion vs. shiloh BW: Star vs. Zukushiku Bo3: Sabella vs. TheThorn vs. Virbank Volcaronas vs. Sunyshore Surskits SM: Mikaav vs...
  12. Eien

    Monotype M.W.A. - Monz With Attitude: A Monotype Dark Balance Team

    Hey there! This team looks pretty solid already, so I've only got a few suggestions to make. First, I think you should consider dropping Bisharp for Alolan Muk. You have an interesting idea of using Assault Vest Bisharp to check Fairy-types, but Bisharp is a little too squishy to really...
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    Quality Control Heracross (Fighting) [QC 0/3]

    Hey DBW can you finish this by end of the weekend?
  14. Eien

    Quality Control Lucario (Fighting) [QC 0/3]

    Haaku. can you implement torkool's check please?
  15. Eien

    Quality Control Omastar (Rock) [QC 2/3] [GP 0/2]

    smub can you implement torkool's check please?
  16. Eien

    Quality Control Staraptor Normal [QC: 2/3] [Don't touch yet]

    Misaka Mikoto any update?
  17. Eien

    Quality Control Landorus-Therian (Flying) QC: [0/3]

    Havens you said it'd be done by this past Sunday, but can you get it done by this weekend please?
  18. Eien

    Golurk (Ghost)

    Hi Maverick Axl please read our forum rules before making a thread. You need to be approved to write an analysis and you need to follow the proper procedure as well.
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    Copyediting Smeargle (Normal) (QC 3/3) (GP 0/2)

    Overview: - Mostly for after you write up, but combine your connected ideas. When you talk about being a lead, you should talk about the points together. - It's not that Smeargle gets outclassed on bulkier builds. It's just that bulkier builds 1. don't really care about sticky webs and 2. don't...