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  1. Captain Maybe

    USUM NU Viability Rankings

    So... my favorite Pokémon was a 5-5 split huh? Well I'm gonna go ahead and say it: B+ is where he needs to be. Garbo is setup fodder for the most part for Slash and fares poorly vs. Sand in general. He's still good and definitely has his place, but until Sand bites the dust, I don't see him...
  2. Captain Maybe

    NP: NU Stage 9 - Sandstorm

    I agree in the fact that complex bans are very bad and hard to do. Especially if we're keeping *just* Gigalith. However, I just don't think it would matter much or really at all for any other mon. If it was banning sand rush, I'd say yes. Hell, if it was banning sand stream, I'd say yes, but if...
  3. Captain Maybe

    NP: NU Stage 9 - Sandstorm

    Oh, boy, this is gonna be a fun one. So, to start off, I'm gonna say that Sand is broken, and by that, I mean it's ABUSERS are broken. I think we're jumping the gun here with a Giga suspect. I don't think banning Giga is gonna really... help a lot. Here's what I mean: Giga is good out of using...
  4. Captain Maybe

    USUM NU Viability Rankings

    I'd like to make a nomination. (Steel) B -> B+ No I'm not just saying this just cause Venusaur is in the tier. I'm saying it because Venusaur is in the tier amongst other things. Right now I just think it's a really good defogger. Parting Shot is always good unless you get Xatu'd and it takes...
  5. Captain Maybe

    NP: NU Stage 8 - Venus as a Boy (Venusaur banned from NU)

    Okay. I've played around with NU a while since I've started playing again and I wanted to give my brief thoughts on Venusaur. My avatar quite accurately describes my feelings whenever I see one. Okay, so basically, I've used a plethora of different teams this suspect test to kind of worm my...
  6. Captain Maybe

    NP: NU Stage 6 - Fn Pig (Emboar banned from NU)

    Emboar's a hard one for me, since I've used it on almost every team that I've made in NU. Then I sat down and thought about why I was sad and decided "yeah this thing's gotta go". Here's my reasoning: Yes, Emboar has its checks, like my fun little icon here Garbodor, but that doesn't exclude...
  7. Captain Maybe

    NU Viability Rankings

    B -> B+ With Barbaracle gone, many have shifted their eyes to Omastar, which is pretty much special Barbaracle and less broken. I've made a team about this little guy and I somewhat efficiently got to the top 10 on the ladder. Shell Smash Omastar is a threat. Z-Wring Out at +2 kills Slowbro and...
  8. Captain Maybe

    IT'S JUNK MAN! *sets up 500 layers of spikes in 4 seconds*

    IT'S JUNK MAN! *sets up 500 layers of spikes in 4 seconds*
  9. Captain Maybe

    ULTRA SM NU Sample Teams

    I'm just not sure how that happened. I fixed it, thanks for catching that! lol
  10. Captain Maybe

    ULTRA SM NU Sample Teams

    ^ Red highlight is me. <- Team Information for copying. I figure I'd make my first contribution to smogon with a team that got me to top 10 on Neverused ladder. This team revolves around Normalium Z Omastar, who packs Wring Out with for that Normalium-Z...