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    Role models

    The Kanneh-Mason family are amazing and actually are part of my inspiration to get back into playing piano! Really hardworking, talented kids. Having grown up in a majority black country where most of the media was American, I didn't find myself really searching for role models - but that was...
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    Serious Charlie Gard, Alfie Evans, and primacy of institution "best interest" over parents

    I find it incredibly funny how the American view of any form of socialised medicine is some sort of communist hellscape where one is doomed to die. Bringing in criticism of the NHS itself amongst what's actually a huge issue in the rights of a parent to make a decision for their child vs the...
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    I don't think it counts as much, but I'm getting really into men's fashion. I'm a big fan of pastels and hunting through charity shops etc for nice stuff with a friend has become a little pasttime. Currently learning how to sew so I can go on to garment construction, which should be pretty fun.
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    Serious LGBTQ

    As some of you already know I'm transitioning FTM at the moment, been going on for more than a year now. I've got an appointment for testosterone in 3 days. If all's well HRT will be on its way in about 2 weeks. It's been pretty sick and most people have been chill about it. I still look and...
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    Serious Never Again

    Nothing reeks of washed-up, out of touch old man more than judging children taking charge of their future for their fashion sense - especially for something as tame as ripped jeans. Do you feel better having mocked them for that rather than debating the basis of their arguments? I'd hope not - a...
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    it me

    it me
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    Serious LGBTQ

    This is incredibly general advice, but don't stress over it too much. Go with the flow. Focusing on trying to narrow your identity down is just more unnecessary and probably unwarranted stress for you. Exploring your identity with things like a change in dress or stuff like that, if feasible for...
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    miss u :(

    miss u :(
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    hey you cunt

    hey you cunt
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    Serious Depression

    It's called a mental illness because it's caused by a mental pattern, it doesn't have to be something external of yourself. People's depression can be caused by outside sources, but in many cases it isn't and it's as it says on the tin. The idea that people always have an idea of what causes...
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    Serious A place to vent

    If your problems include feeling discriminated against for being a majority which probably primarily comes from the internet; feeling negatively towards people getting rights and movements towards social equality; and masquerading as concern that somehow politics is being shoved in your face day...
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    Serious A place to vent

    It sounds like you just need to go outside dog
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    Anti- vaxxers, what are they?

    Surely this is the same sort of Woke White philosophy being applied here, except in this case it's out of some sort of misguided sense of pity. The implication that somehow it's okay justification because they're wary of modern medicine as long as they're a poor little Coloured Person (and then...
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    Smogon Cooking Thread 2

    been cooking a lot more lately since I'm about to move and all. I'm liking it. made this today, meat-base pizza w/ mushrooms and ham
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    healthy lifestyle thread (OR: oglemi masturbation cave)

    i've lost ~6kg in the past month just by eating less and not drinking juice, i'm fucking stoked got a bike for my birthday and i've been trying to learn to ride that i'm aiming to lose about 20kg to get to a healthy weight, but we'll see how that goes