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  1. Dragonite

    how can dragonites movepool get any bigger lol but dragonite cant help from Being eaten by salamence for a nice refrreshing dinner at arbys =D And my froslass lead takes down that stupid anti lead slow fat dragonite lead set where your as slow as a slowpoke with slowstart lol i hate that set...
  2. Salamence

    I think dream world abiliteis will most likely be breedable. With or without tho Salamence is as beastly as ever and will be taking down lots of pokemon with his same sets =D
  3. Gamageroge

    This pokemon will be useful becuase of swift swim and politoed its an all around better quagisire poort stats may leave it from becoming too sucessful tho
  4. Espeon

    Espeon will most likely get bumped up to some type of lead to prevent stealth rock and then set up a cm baton pass or something of its own
  5. Team Last Stand

    hey freak of nature its your bff lol well i sugest you use weavile istead of tyranitar. hees the most amazing dragon counter no dragon can stand him weavile/jolly item:focus sash ice shard brick break night slash fake out full evs in attk and speed