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  1. Pineapple1001

    Pet Mod [Gen 6] Megas Revisited - Slate 3: Submissions

    Glalie: PokemonMasterDebater, I-Deepblue-I, Turtlek Banette: MegaFlareon, Gravity Monkey, Ema Skye Lopunny: jayballester, Original, Low-Key
  2. Pineapple1001

    Post Your Scarlet & Violet In-Game Teams!

    Other potential members included. Rotom, because I got a Rotom catalog from the auction, but I didn’t want to replace Kilowatterel. Skeledirge, its spot got taken by Tinkaton because I didn’t want to stack weaknesses.
  3. Pineapple1001

    Favorite Pokemon Picker

    1-50 51-100 No repeat forms of a Pokémon except regional forms.