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  1. Ayudame, por favor. Ayudame, por favor.
  2. The Sun Sets (First RMT)

    Thanks for the rates, guys! Been trying out that Starmie and the different 'Mence. Have had some success.
  3. Six Move Battling

    Wobbuffet @ Leftovers Shadow Tag EVs: 28 HP / 252 Def / 228 SpD Bold - Encore - Counter - Mirror Coat - Safegaurd - Destiny Bond - Splash For some reason, I can't help but think that Wobb doesn't really benefit from having two more moveslots....
  4. Ayudame, por favor? Ayudame, por favor?
  5. The Sun Sets (First RMT)

    Herro, Smogon. This is MetaSkipper, and this is my first RMT. I've done a lot with this team, so I won't bore you with the team history. I've had some success, and some failure with this team. I'd like to see if this team can be improved, and thus, my team. Snapback (Heatran) @ Leftovers...
  6. Pokémon Bash Sessions

    Not joining, but I do think this is interesting.
  7. Ask a Simple Question; Get a Simple Answer & General Resources (OU Edition)

    Leftovers heal 1/16 of your max health each turn, rounded down. Therefore, for maximum effectiveness, your HP should be divisible by 16. Dunno what +/-1 is about, though.
  8. Ask a Simple Question; Get a Simple Answer & General Resources (OU Edition)

    I've been toyin with the idea of a Shell Bell on Wobbuffet. My logic is as follows: Leftovers recover 6% a turn. Upon a Counter/Magic Coat, I will recover 1/4 of the damage I took (1/8 of twice damage took). In order to be AS efficient as Leftovers, I must take 24%. I regularly take more than...