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  1. Tapichoa

    Resource SS OU DLC2 Viability Ranking Thread [SEE: Page 105, Post 2618]

    So this has probably already been beaten to death, but honestly, :regieleki: B -> B-/C+ This thing is just bad. It should have stayed in UU. I swear people only use it outside of screens because it's a funny gimmick mon that has just an ounce of realistic viability. Comparing it to other mons...
  2. Tapichoa

    SS OU Aurora Veil HO

    Thank you so much for this! You go into everything very in-depth and I'm sure this will help me so much!
  3. Tapichoa

    SS OU Aurora Veil HO

    Hey, thanks so much for the response! I like your ideas here, and I'll make sure to implement them! I like your Slowbro idea a lot, that should help me a lot, and I do probably need more variety, you're right!
  4. Tapichoa

    SS OU Aurora Veil HO

    Hi, this is my Aurora Veil HO team! This is my first real team (and my first post on here too), so pardon me if I make any errors in explanation or anything. I think I've had some nice times with this team, though I have noted some bad weaknesses to weather teams (esp. sand), TR teams, and...