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  1. g3od00d

    SV OU Ghost Spam Offense

    What Pokemon are you having problems with specifically? Chi-Yu with boots isn't a bad thing. Some run Nasty Plot with Boots, there are also versions that have used Will-O-Wisp to snag it's checks on the switch. These are just suggestions. If you're having more success with your original team...
  2. g3od00d

    SV OU Ghost Spam Offense

    I have barely any experience rating teams, so you can take what I say with a grain of salt. This looks pretty solid, but one glaring issue is the Clodsire is pretty odd on this team. Your team is designed to push pressure with hazards and keep the pressure with dual ghost types, but Clodsire...
  3. g3od00d

    Rules Past Format Battle Stadium SQSA

    What do the EVs on this Dragapult set accomplish? Thanks in advance!
  4. g3od00d

    Pokémon Copperajah

    Copperajah's IV and EV spread would be dependent on your team and the goal you are trying to accomplish with Copperajah. check the link below: Keep in mind this is with singles 6v6 battles in mind. Notably, the second set is with an Adamant...
  5. g3od00d

    Pokémon Corviknight

    What is an optimized EV spread for BU Corviknight?
  6. g3od00d

    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

    What is the usual EV spread for BU Corviknight?