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  1. mite b cool

    Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 44 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

    LF: lopunny or froakie breeding rejects FT: Bagon rejects (Jolly with DD, 4 to 5IV, 5IVs have HA), BP items Cheers
  2. mite b cool

    XY RU Spikes HO (peaked #1)

    Fantastic team. Changed Sharpedo to mega and Dragalge to adaptability and it's even better. ofc it struggles with the new megas (Lopunny especially) but that's expected. Great work dude!
  3. mite b cool

    Battle Maison Discussion & Records

    I know when using Kanghaskhan you will run into Spiritomb a lot....So maybe it's good to use Togekiss with dazzling gleam? Although you can really breeze through doubles with Kanga hitting as much as it can then sending in Talonflame
  4. mite b cool

    Pirate's Trade Thread [Leftovers & 48 Pokemon]-[CLOSED TEMPORARILY]

    I can give you any BP item bar ability capsule for that Charmander
  5. mite b cool

    Pokémon Meowstic

    What about a doubles set with Reflect/ Light Screen/ Quick Guard/ Fake Out?
  6. mite b cool

    Pokémon Kangaskhan

    gliscor is a good team mate. Soaks up fighting moves. Taunt could stop skarm and ferrothorn. Helped me demolish the Battle Maison
  7. mite b cool

    Pokémon Kangaskhan

    If running Adamant, use 240 speed EVs to outspeed speed+ 85s (Heracross, Toxicroak) when mega evolved
  8. mite b cool

    Move Sticky Web

    Does Durant learn it? Galvantula is obviously better, because of its type advantage against most defog/ rapid spin users, but Durant seems like a capable user in lower tiers
  9. mite b cool

    Pokémon Scolipede

    Why run jolly on the sweeper set? you're already outspeeding everything after a +1
  10. mite b cool

    Other Looking Ahead to Gen VI Mark II (SEE POSTS #818 & #858)

    Can't crack the code atm
  11. mite b cool

    Other Looking Ahead to Gen VI Mark II (SEE POSTS #818 & #858)

    I wonder if shuckle gets sticky web It might see more usage
  12. mite b cool

    Pokémon XY General Discussion

    What do you guys think about Mew? Reckon he'll be a fairy type?
  13. mite b cool


    Yeah but it's much harder to, because everyone just denounces you. I was France, and the Huns kept bullying my city states. Brazil offered to go to war with the Huns, which I accepted, then a few turns later everyone started denouncing me as a warmonger, including Brazil, who asked me to go to...
  14. mite b cool


    it's like $50 where I live, best off getting it from somewhere like green man gaming Makes the AI diplomacy even more retarded too, which I didn't think was possible
  15. mite b cool

    AFL 2013 (just in case)

    Because sacking the coach is suddenly going to make the players less shit
  16. mite b cool

    Awesome usernames in video games

    mister lister the sister fister
  17. mite b cool

    Game of Thrones

    Pretty sure they've been cast
  18. mite b cool

    2012/2013 Soccer/Football thread

    QPR, Reading, and probably Sunderland because Villa and Wigan are in decent form right now
  19. mite b cool

    April Fools!

    maybe the joke is that they don't have a joke, that would really put people off
  20. mite b cool