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  1. vonFiedler

    pick a number between 1-1840 and i will tell you the song in my liked songs playlist that corresponds to that number

    Well I have 5613 liked songs and #2022 is Cars by Gary Numan.
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    Media Favorite Albums By Year

    Oh damn this thread was hella necro'd. I thought it was suspicious for a cong thread to have two pages of activity.
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    Media Favorite Albums By Year

    My lists are strongest in the 70s-80s, though there are some bangers outside of those ranges 1964 - A Hard Day's Night, The Beatles 1965 - Help!, The Beatles 1966 - Sounds of Silence, Simon & Garfunkel 1967 - Days of Future Passed, The Moody Blues 1968 - White Album, The Beatles 1969 - Abbey...
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    The Smog Awards 2021 - Submissions

    Most likely to rig the death bingo
  5. vonFiedler

    big news

    This is the most genuinely unfunny thing I've seen on this website.
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    Post your ideas for new Pokémon game titles and I'll tell you if they're any good

    Someone who doesn't want to die in the Pokemon Wars.
  7. vonFiedler

    Memes You Found Mk. 2

    Nothing about this seems implausible
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    Media itt: movie/film discussion - Beware Spoilers

    I don't like torture porn. My most hated film is Human Centipede 2. When I could finally stomach getting through it, I honestly thought about rerating all my 1/10 movies to 2s. But I gotta stand by Martyrs (assuming you mean 2008). It's a real one. The theme of the film is peeling back the...
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    That's coldplay Cosbplay is when two people consensually roofie each other.
  10. vonFiedler

    Why the MCU actually sucks

    Are you doing a bit?
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    Media One Piece (spoilers!)

    I haven't read the chapter yet but I never bought that sanji wasn't enhanced.
  12. vonFiedler

    "Dante from the Devil May Cry Series" I didn't know what I was doing when I made this first one without a title, but it's top tier album art.
  13. vonFiedler

    Media Videogame thread

    I think the only issue with the inventory is that Deltarune gives you so much crap all the time. It's not overly easy, but just stuffs your inventory. I remember in Undertale Genocide run you had to be incredibly purposeful with how you managed items, but here its just full revives and ample...
  14. vonFiedler

    Unpopular opinions

    Seems like the worst of both world tbh. Don't know why you'd want to play Pokemon with a single mon or do Fate without badass historical figures. Making Pokemon into a Battle Royale doesn't just automatically make it a more serious story.
  15. vonFiedler

    rant thread but you can only rant about incredibly specific things that most likely wouldn't bother other people

    Soyboy, a word coined by pewdiepie, an internet personality who coasts on the residual popularity granted to him by dumb children who never grew up
  16. vonFiedler

    Name a show or something you want to be made into a live action movie.

    I think Silent Hill would make for a very good movie. Just don't try to adapt the video games, as they're too long and complex. Maybe make an original story about a Vietnam veteran trying to adapt to life after war, but *spoilers* he actually died in combat.
  17. vonFiedler

    Media One Piece (spoilers!)

    Yamato was supposed to marry into Big Mom's family. Don't recall who, if we ever knew.
  18. vonFiedler

    Media One Piece (spoilers!)

    I'm just deathly afraid of Yamato ending up with Momo This whole arc started with Yamato being in a political marriage, and now Momo and Yamato both want to be shogun, and now Momo has been aged up to the exact same age as Yamato (but not really eww) and they're both fighting Kaido in the...