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  1. SPOILERS! Scarlet & Violet Leaks Thread - Data/Mechanics

    It's back, I've seen the partner trainers in raid battles use Crabrawler on stream
  2. Serious American Politics

    my favorite part of discourse is when they accuse you of being a trump shill/Russian agent for disagreeing with them it's the exact sort of lack of critical thinking I was criticizing
  3. Serious American Politics

    neoliberal brainrotting propaganda has convinced people like raikou that anything that isn't meaningless platitudes and incrementalism will lead us directly to fascism. You can see that he just quotes stuff Biden says without meaningfully looking at what Biden has actually done ("Biden listens...
  4. Serious American Politics

    biden followed through on one of his campaign promises nothing has fundamentally changed
  5. Serious American Politics They'd struggle a lot less if they would support policies that a supermajority of their base wants. Or is this another "rightwing talking point" that you're going to ignore because you're a partisan hack?
  6. Serious American Politics

    idk what point you think I'm trying to make
  7. Serious American Politics

    Are people really in here trying to pretend biden isn't a sexual predator? Putting opinions on Biden's politics aside, this really isn't the hill you want to die on there's dozens of videos/gifs of him sniffing little girls' hair which is fucking creepy, and that's just the stuff he openly does...
  8. Serious American Politics

    The sharpie thing is a non-issue other than misinformation being spread about it. Ballots aren't scantrons
  9. Serious American Politics

    Imagine being this uncritical of the politicians meant to represent you. They're not your friends, they're not idols, they're not celebrities. Do you really think something like Starr County going from +60 for Clinton to a measly +5 for Biden is the result of voter suppression and "fuckery"...
  10. Serious American Politics

    if the neoliberals cared about these things they would have ran on these policies and we wouldn't be having this discussion because Biden wouldn't be losing (or we'd have a candidate that actually cares about these things who would also not be losing). Socialist policies are incredibly popular...
  11. Serious American Politics

    It also includes many democracies, the thing we're supposedly protecting Read up on what we tried to do to Bolivia last year, with the vocal support of people like Elizabeth Warren.
  12. Serious American Politics

    the leadership of our nation has never given a shit about any of these things, certainly not for as long as you or I have been alive this isn't even a comprehensive list. The related article about the CIA is especially of...
  13. Serious American Politics

    Cool. Here, I'm gonna list some things a president has done, and I'll let you determine whether it was Obama or Trump. Drone strikes, including those that killed American citizens Having Citibank, a corporation, privately vet his cabinet Bailed out Wall Street and actively protected them while...
  14. Serious American Politics

    I expect Biden to implement about as many progressive policies as Obama did when the Democrats had full control of Congress in 2009
  15. Serious American Politics

    funny seeing all the neoliberals tsk-tsk at leftists for hoping Trump dies 24 hours after saying leftists secret pro-Trump agents because they're going to vote Green or stay home instead of prostrating themselves before Biden guess you don't have an excuse to deny people basic human rights...
  16. Serious American Politics

    My question is: how is Biden going to improve this country over the status quo of the past 40 years? Is he going to remove the concentration camps at the border and abolish ICE? Is he going to push for universal/single payer healthcare? Is he going to look into...
  17. Serious American Politics

    my favorite neoliberal talking point is that doing next to nothing is reasonable and the best we can hope for, as if the DNC didn't go all out on sabotaging progressive candidates but when it comes to beating Trump, the best they can do is play despacito and tweet about Harris's shoes the...
  18. Survivor Smogon Survivor: The Official (Started! Join server to spectate)

    randbats: metronome: 5 crits:
  19. Survivor Smogon Survivor: The Official (Started! Join server to spectate)

    Weekends, Anarch, Petards are words that exist