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  1. Ullar

    Thread for chatting, generally

    feeling inspired to write for the first time in nearly a year, instead of my usual grousing about how i dont write anymore. feels weird. and the fact that it feels weird also feels weird. also i'm rejoining an old tabletop rpg campaign i dropped out of when my writing burnout started. it's like...
  2. Ullar

    ding dong

    ho ho ho no! patented smogoffposting. old subforum recipe!
  3. Ullar

    ding dong

    it's a tumblr expression!
  4. Ullar

    Describe how you feel using vague concepts

    feeling like a d12 in a d20-based game right now
  5. Ullar

    Announcements Smogoff People's Moderator 2023 (i wonder who will win this year. probably big ashley again right. yea probably tbh)

    i am now accepting applications for (or as) a running mate. my policy will be laissez faire, only stepping in as the moderators perform actions that encroach on the freedoms of the Posting Community. every Poster should feel free to express their soul, whether it may be cringe or based. if it...
  6. Ullar

    Self-Reflecting on What Choices I Have in Life

    speed-replaying chocobo mystery dungeon (yeah that one) on Hard Mode so i can contribute to a challengerun guide. glad this thread exists for talkin abt stuff like that
  7. Ullar

    ding dong

    Ullar walks into the kitchen, wearing his signature "Anime Tiddy? Natural 20." tee, as phoopes deletes all the offending posts. An imaginary theme song plays: Bad posters and their crazy postulations, All of this thread is gonna need some moderation, Spam clean so much, it might as well be...
  8. Ullar

    Gaming Achievements

    it took me literal YEARS of playing on+off to truly 100% Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy! and lemme tell ya: i love this game so so much for what it is. but hundoing it is brutal. for context, let's paint a picture of what exactly this game is. Every Buddy! is a remake of Final Fantasy...
  9. Ullar

    Describe how you feel using vague concepts

    you ever feel like an iced coffee that's been in the sun too long?
  10. Ullar

    ITT: make up fake Pokémon

    when i was a kid (like, Gen 1 age), i came up with a ghost/psychic pokemon named Wichett. it was a lil purple sphere with a witch hat, a grumpy face, and drills for hands. its signature move was Spike Cannon; i vividly remember my visualization of her using that move in Pokemon Stadium. will try...
  11. Ullar


    every year, we see the Smogon Death Bingo or whatever the hell it's called lately. people 'wagering' regarding the mortality of public figures, political and otherwise. this game is played for pride. which is alright, i guess. me? i prefer to bet my odds with real stakes. if i make a prediction...
  12. Ullar

    what if there were smogon badges but irl

    boy howdy do i have a bargain for YOU
  13. Ullar

    what if there were smogon badges but irl

    u get it for becoming a Main Character on the twitosphere. if anything its a signifier you're terminally online and keep ranting on things nobody asked about (just like on here!)
  14. Ullar

    Who wants to play a game? [You don’t gotta go home, but you can’t stay here]

    my post has been buried by the single reply directly below it, like c'mon. ctrl+f is impossible because EVERYONES NAME IS IN EVERY POST
  15. Ullar

    Who wants to play a game? [You don’t gotta go home, but you can’t stay here]

    i thought pc++ games werent allowed
  16. Ullar

    there are too many pinned threads; here's why.

    Genuinely surprised that the pinned total got trimmed. No joke, I'm kinda shocked at it. In truth, I did feel that the sea of pins was a bit much for an offtopic subforum, particularly one with the casual vibes the mods have been cultivating. Happy to contribute something, I guess. It says...
  17. Ullar

    DEATH BATTLE generator

    yes, that's why i clarified for you what it was. i was there too
  18. Ullar

    Announcements Arbor Day 2023

    badged posts have a higher volatility of post quality. either kinda good or REALLY BAD, no in-between. seems like an arbitrary restriction thats actively hazardous to your menfal health