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  1. Let's go shuckles

    You're approached by someone from The Pokémon Company who wants to make a crossover

    I think pokemon should have a cross over with the Nobunaga's Ambition franchise. Pokemon seems like a natural fit to crossover with Japanese warlords.
  2. Let's go shuckles

    I need Smogon's help to beat a local 9 year old

    Just go into the OU room on showdown and steal their sample teams like a normal person.
  3. Let's go shuckles

    What mons seem most responsible with firearm

    I'd trust wooper with a gun. Thing's got no hands. It couldn't shoot anyone even if wanted to.
  4. Let's go shuckles

    only post in this thread if ur at work

    I got something really tedious to do at work rn so instead of doing that, I'm going to goof off here.
  5. Let's go shuckles

    about people who seem to be everywhere

    He's even in the room with you rn
  6. Let's go shuckles

    chess power creep ideas

    I think chess needs evasion. When one of your pieces would be taken, roll a dice and if you roll a 6, your piece is not taken, your opponent's piece does not move from its original space and your opponent's turn is over.
  7. Let's go shuckles


    Look, even if you get permalocked. You can still talk to the rock, paper, scissors game in teambuilder.
  8. Let's go shuckles

    Make up signature moves : the thread

    New Move: Fuck Hax If the user was hit by a critical hit or had secondary effect activate on them, OHKOs the target. If user dodged an attack this turn, the user is OHKO'd.
  9. Let's go shuckles

    Gaming Achievements

    I caught a fish in final fantasy 12. It wasn't particularly hard or difficult but the game considers it on par with defeating Omega so I'm satisfied.
  10. Let's go shuckles

    Actual dumb comments tournament

    This reminds me of some dude in lobby who tried to argue that Rayquaza should be OU and was saying that it was held back by having 150 in both attack stats.
  11. Let's go shuckles

    Actual dumb comments tournament

    People who say that shuckle isn't bulky or frail. The thing has more bulk, both physical and special, than Ferrothorn, Corviknight, Skarmory, Toxapex and Deoxys-Defense. If you want a non-shuckle related one; this one dude on showdown trying to unironically convince me that Fire Emblem is more...
  12. Let's go shuckles

    what if there were smogon badges but irl

    I voted in a local election. Can I have a smogon badge?
  13. Let's go shuckles

    do you accept the deal?

    I have to ask something about this deal. Why only the second highest grossing movie of all time? Why not go all the way and make it so you're the star of the highest grossing movie of all time?
  14. Let's go shuckles

    burger tournament [Round 1]

    I hate burgers so I'm going to nominate a hot dog instead. Description: It is a hot dog.
  15. Let's go shuckles

    there are too many pinned threads; here's why.

    Your plan should be to write a shuckle fan fiction to placate the masses.
  16. Let's go shuckles

    Perfect opposites - Do they exist?

    Smogoff and comedy
  17. Let's go shuckles

    this seems sus

  18. Let's go shuckles

    Can they add the Star-Mobile and Shadow Lugia to Pokemon Showdown

    Totem pokemon were obtainable in the ultra games. They suck.