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  1. GalacticGato

    "Worst Pokémon Ever"

    I don't think Incineroar being bipedal is a bad thing. If it was quadrupedal like almost everyone wanted it to be, it would have been compared to Houndoom (which also has the same typing) and how Incineroar's design is superior/inferior to it, which would have been bad for both pokemon.
  2. GalacticGato

    Worst Pokemon Sprites?

    It kind of looks like a potato, but it may just be me... In other news, Bayleef's neck looks very, very weird in this sprite.
  3. GalacticGato

    Metagame Pokébilities

    If you're talking about Battle Bond, I remember people saying there were actually two Greninjas: 1. Greninja with Torrent/Torrent/Protean 2. Greninja with Battle Bond/Battle Bond/Battle Bond So there's no reason why Greninja would be affected negatively by this (Unless Torrent hinders it...
  4. GalacticGato

    Old Mon BST/Ability Change Discussion

    But Torkoal is pure Fire. EDIT: Ninjask'd.
  5. GalacticGato

    Old Mon BST/Ability Change Discussion

    Did Electrode really need a speed boost? Also, Masquerain buff, yay!
  6. GalacticGato

    Tapu Lele Discussion

    How will it affect Bisharp besides the fact it can't Sucker Punch for 5 turns? Tapu Lele is still weak to Steel and is neutral to Dark.
  7. GalacticGato

    Wimpod, Golisopod Discussion

    I don't think running First Impression, a move that only works the first turn, on a choiced set is a good idea.
  8. GalacticGato


    100 base power + 20 for every stat boost, according to Marty.
  9. GalacticGato

    Unneeded things in pokemon!

    There's a better one: Egg Bomb in Chansey.
  10. GalacticGato

    Silly Things You've Seen In Other Metagames Right's team has only standard megas, and spams fighting moves against a Mega Gengar.
  11. GalacticGato

    Pokémon GO

    I have a couple questions: What should i be saving my coins for? Also, i captured a 15/14/15 Rattata, i evolved it into Raticate and it had the moves Bite and Hyper Beam. Is this a good Raticate or are there better ones?
  12. GalacticGato

    Bad Luck You've Had So Far

    At the start of the year i encountered my very first shiny pokemon in X/Y: A... Male Combee. :/ The worst part is that i was playing in someone else's 3DS, and as i don't have a 3DS, the shiny male Combee was lost forever like a week after that.
  13. GalacticGato

    Gen VII: Pokemon Sun and Moon Discussion MKII

    Lugarugan's midday form looks like a generic wolf to me, but i still like it. Its midnight form, however... ... ... Also i don't know why, but both UB02s give me more of a machinery vibe and than of "an otherworldly being" vibe. Edit: Are those orange things on UB02-Expansion's back supposed...
  14. GalacticGato

    Gen VII: Pokemon Sun and Moon Discussion MKII

    I personally doubt it. Type:Null looks like being a standalone with a high BST.
  15. GalacticGato

    Gen VII: Pokemon Sun and Moon Discussion MKII

    Alolan Delibird confirmed. Do we know anything about Alolan Rattata besides it's normal/dark and it has Hustle?
  16. GalacticGato

    Sticky Have a question? Ask it here! (NOT SM QUESTIONS)

    Hello, i'm playing pokemon Black 2, and i've been wondering if i need to breed for IVs/EV train my pokemon to do decently in the Battle Subway. Do i need to do that?