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  1. (serious) This is Not a Pokemon

    Holy crap! Genngar is frigging incredible. I love it!!! Thanks for doing the request. :]
  2. Megapants' Art Thread

    Great stuff. All kinds of styles here. :]
  3. (serious) This is Not a Pokemon

    OMGGG! Uh-mah-zing art here. Keep it up. :] Requesting a Gengar please.
  4. Sellin Slowpoke Tail

    Holy! These are fricking amazing! Love the humor in each of them. Can you make the Nidoking picture wallpaper sized without blurring it? That’d be awesome.
  5. The Art of Lorak's Oasis

    OMGOSH! Thanks sooo much!!! You drew Lickilicky! THANKS!
  6.  What would [pokemon] look like if it were a different type?

    How about a Dark Lickilicky?
  7. Team Hsi Yu Chi - OU Competitive Team

    If you're gonna give Celebi Steath Rock for Reflect, you can keep the Cursepert as your Status Absorber, unless you're thinking os something else.
  8. Team Hsi Yu Chi - OU Competitive Team

    Well. This is an awesome team. Everyone before me seems to have already suggested everything that might help your team get even better so... Yeah. Anywats amazing team.
  9. The Art of Lorak's Oasis

    Good job on getting your stars. You should've gotten it long ago.
  10. The Art of Lorak's Oasis

    WOW! It's amazing! Thanks Lorak!
  11. Some new fakemon

    Love them all! My Top Three. Metronet Teretna Zepheon Keep up the cool art! Would be awesome if Nintendo made them into a game!
  12. The Art of Lorak's Oasis

    Lorak, can you make a Jirachi one, pretty please?
  13. The Art of Lorak's Oasis

    Wow. The Regi Diglett type things own!
  14. The Art of Lorak's Oasis

    May you make a Bidoof? Please and thanks. =]
  15. The Art of Lorak's Oasis

    That's okay. You can resize them when you're not busy. Thanks again.
  16. The Art of Lorak's Oasis

    Lorak do you mind changing the resolutions of these pics to 176x220 The links ae below. I would've posted the pics themselves but the IMG code isn't working. Credit goes to Aaroneepap for the pics.
  17. My team that won Smogon Tour!

    Congrats on winning the Smogon Tour! The team is great. Very solid team. Which is why you won the Tour =]
  18. Farewell, Cresselia. (Maniac)

    Yeah I agree that there is a lot of Weavile weakness in the team but other then that seems like a pretty good team. Great job.
  19. Super Spriting/Trainer Card/other art nonsense thread

    These are all awesome. Love them all!
  20. Wi-Fi Team - OU - Take 2

    Tangrowth Leech Seed over Substitute, definitely. Gengar Life Orb for more damage Wide Lens for more Hypnosis accuracy. I prefer an Adamant Luke cause it would OHKO some Pokes with Extremespeed. And maybe HP Ice over HP Electric. Hope I helped.