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  1. Oglemi

    chess power creep ideas

    Chess needs some RNG so before every move you have to roll a die to see how many squares your pieces can move, pawns, knight, and king can also move multi-squares
  2. Oglemi

    Gaming Achievements

    I beat Skyward Sword without throwing my switch con at the tv Not because of swinging the motion controls too hard but I managed to resist the primal urge to kill Fi after the millionth cutscene
  3. Oglemi

    Clodsire appreciation thread

    This is a good thread, love my clod boy
  4. Oglemi

    Describe how you feel using vague concepts

    Feeling very Christmas tree in January
  5. Oglemi

    Describe how you feel using vague concepts

    Feeling very Risk rn tbh
  6. Oglemi

    only post in this thread if ur at work

    I work in a fkin warehouse with boardgames... magic players are another breed
  7. Oglemi

    only post in this thread if ur at work

    Working with people that actually care about their job is so surreal, like bro... chill.
  8. Oglemi

    Hobbies Smogon Food & Cooking Thread 2

    Whoever rated Whataburger highly in the old fast food tier list y'all need to fuckin explain yourselves, this is not top tier, this is the most average fast food I've had I'm ready to fucking throw hands over this
  9. Oglemi

    How to fix chess

    If you're really skilled at chess you can just dodge your opponent's attacks at the last second, because your bond with your pieces is so great.
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    Heckin borf

    Heckin borf
  11. Oglemi

    Tyvm, I agree

    Tyvm, I agree
  12. Oglemi

    Memes You Found Mk. 2

  13. Oglemi


    Idk, that whole contest is probably more attributed to her passive and her Ana making most her shots lol, I will admit midair GAs feel a bit better and backwards GAs are much easier to pull off, but you can see in that clip how robotic and stiff her movement is
  14. Oglemi


    Mercy's range of movement feels so stunted and jerky, it's really offputting compared to ow1. It feels like when you GA you're laned into the direction you clicked it and slingshotting feels sluggish, idk how to really describe it but ugh. Superjumping on command makes tighter ones much easier...
  15. Oglemi

    whos the oldest person on smogon

    Expert Evan was older, he's 57 now
  16. Oglemi

    I've lost passion

    Probably feel and fit in better if you didn't think celebrity death was a big deal
  17. Oglemi

    Tabletop Discussion

    Monster fight club's cyberpunk minis are relatively cheap compared to anything from GW, afaik you also don't need quite as much "stuff" to start playing as you do with warhammer. I don't have any experience playing cyberpunk personally, but it is far less complex from what I've heard from friends
  18. Oglemi

    found out i am a valuable trading card

    Wrong az the card is missing the all important # at the start, can't be you, sorry you must be mistaken
  19. Oglemi

    10 years ago on Smogon! (& favorite SpongeBob moments)

    Spongebob is forever my favorite show so it's hard to pick a top moment, but I still swear in dolphin to this day so probably that lmao Hi hula, you're still beby to me, hope life is good
  20. Oglemi

    Memes You Found Mk. 2