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  1. 5 Minute Offense (peaked #4)

    Hey psychotic thanks for the suggestions. Nidoqueen over rhyperior makes a lot of sense, I'll try it. The slowbro set also looks dope, I'll try that too. Calm mind was pretty useless on this team anyway.
  2. 5 Minute Offense (peaked #4)

    Thanks for rate! I think I remember those games. I really doubt I yelled at you, I never do that lol. Ice punch on rhyperior also gives me a 100% accurate move to hit flying types with for what it's worth. I didn't really feel like a phazing move would be necessary on rhyperior since I maxed...
  3. 5 Minute Offense (peaked #4)

    Hey guys! This is a team I threw together in 5 minutes without much thinking that did pretty well. I have yet to make any changes since its initial inception so I'm sure there are some changes that could be made to improve it. Team building process: I started with zoroark because I really...
  4. Pick your Poison

    I think your victini's cool, but I'm not sure the power increase of adamant is worth the speed drop. 100 is a very common base speed in UU and there are lots of stuff hovering around that speed that will pass you if you go adamant, plus you lose the ability to 2hko walls like gligar because...
  5. Attempt at UU Stall

    ^alakazam is ou