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  1. The Liar's Rule Tournament: Round 1

    my opp keeps not answering me
  2. The Offstat Tournament - Round 1

    contacted opp
  3. NO-Weather Ubers Tournament - Round 1

    was supposed to play against my opp today but he's not answering me
  4. Venusaur?? gg =/ (Peaked #7)

    Stone RG: Like I already said this is a BW1 OU team so Ice Punch Conkeldurr isn't available. Electrolyte: I hear what you're saying but wouldn't I be too weak against a Choice Specs Latios without a Sp Def. Heatran?
  5. Venusaur?? gg =/ (Peaked #7)

    First of all , thanks for the rate ^^ I do have a strong politoed weekness. Every time it comes in I struggle with putting someon e in front of it , I either put Conkeldurr or Venusaur since the Politoeds I've been seeing are mostly defensive ones. I'll try replacing Donphan with Blastoise...
  6. Venusaur?? gg =/ (Peaked #7)

    Sun team kicking ass Introduction Hey guys , so this is my first RMT here in smogon , I hope you like it. This is a team I've been trying for a while now and I gotta say: it has never dissapointed me. Honestly I think this is the best team I have ever made. It's BW1 since I haven't started...
  7. Tattle Taler's Paradise (Wi-Fi Battles Blacklist as of May 1st, 2013)

    <Afonso97> dude <dueed from xat> ? <Afonso97> I didn't dc <dueed from xat> i reported u <dueed from xat> ik reported u <dueed from xat> *I <Afonso97> tell me smth <Afonso97> why would I dc <dueed from xat> u did <Afonso97> when I would have easily kill you with raikou? <dueed from xat> bye...
  8. Ask here for B/W Standard

    still looking for OU
  9. Ask here for B/W Standard

    OU anyone?
  10. im in

    im in
  11. dude come on....

    dude come on....
  12. coming

  13. gg

  14. Ask here for B/W Underused

    UU anyone?
  15. Accept my invite -.-

    Accept my invite -.-