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    Resource VGC 2022 Viability Rankings [Updated for Worlds Metagame]

    Been awhile eh. Been getting back into VGC and just have a quick question, what niche does Ditto have to place in in A-? Ive always loved Ditto as a concept but I dont see how its useful here. Sorry if this isnt the right place for this question :)
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    Project VGC Teambuilding Competition - Week 15 (almost here) - Building (undetermined)

    gon be real with y'all I haven't rly thought about my online presence for a bit for personal reasons. Evelyie did win the Zacian week so grats. I have to talk with some people about the next mon so it'll be announced tmmrw most likely. sry guys
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    Project VGC Teambuilding Competition - Week 15 (almost here) - Building (undetermined)

    Aight sorry guys, didn't even realize that a week has passed already loll. We only got three teams this week Team A by @lavarina Team B by @Evelyie and Team C by @KachiVGC I'll give y'all til thursday to vote. Gl all!
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    Smogon VGC Winter League - Player Signups

    Name: Bananers Metagames Played: S11 and 9, can play SM metas too Timezone: EST Potential Activity Issues: sports practice Bio: top cut a bunch of small tours in 8 and 9, almost beat Liakos in Mt.Silver, lot of game knowledge from writing a bunch of analysis for the smogdex
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    Project Hidden Gems Ladder Tournament (week 4: Kyurem-White, Lunala and Alcremie)

    Very cool project here, will be participating for sure. Do want to make a nom, kyurem white is overlooked pretty badly and I think it’s a pretty diverse mon in terms of team comp. I also would love to see what people do with ferrothorn, it has a lot of good matchups into a lot of mons.
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    Project VGC Teambuilding Competition - Week 15 (almost here) - Building (undetermined)

    I'm back guys! As I mentioned in the post above, Evelyie really carried this project while I was gone, so thank you eve. Life stuff got in the way really, school n' shit, but that's not what I'm here for. I'm here to announce, the official re-opening of TBC! Would've done this at a more...
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    Project VGC Teambuilding Competition - Week 15 (almost here) - Building (undetermined)

    Please give all thanks to Evelyie for keeping the comp alive. Without her it would’ve died for sure. However, I’m back and ready to run it again. Mon will be announced during the weekend most likely. Stay tuned folks! So glad to be back.
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    Series 11 Reservation Index & Analysis Format

    Reserving leki, confirmation ig
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    Resource VGC Metagame Discussion (Series 13!)

    1. No I haven’t. Meta is way more restricted than without max, and the spread moves (spout, pblades, etc.) are way too strong. 2. Zacian, teams legit can just go 5 mons and dog and be good. 3. Incin, don’t need to explain. 4. I think Kyogre is a bit overrated with Rillaboom and Eleki being...
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    Resource VGC Metagame Discussion (Series 13!)

    Well well well, Series 8. Now for me personally I am so happy that we got 8 back. It was by far my most successful series and I hated S10. With that said, this is absolutely the wrong move for the overall state of VGC. Series 8 was easily the most hated series barring Series 6 and bringing it...
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    Fall Scramble! - Arceus Flight Results

    PS Name: Bnnrs7 Discord: Bananers #9858 Ws - KachiVGC - JackPilotF2 Ls - KarthikVGC
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    VGC 21 Necrozma-Dusk-Mane [QC 1/1] [GP 1/1]

    Ok turns out the save draft button doesn’t work and I’m already super busy so raineko will be taking it
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    Grats queen

    Grats queen
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    2021 Fall Scramble! Sign Ups & Introduction [$60 Prize]

    in (dont put me in group with MVP Evelyie plz)
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    VGC 21 Necrozma-Dusk-Mane [QC 1/1] [GP 1/1]

    taking this one QC team