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  1. XY OU First X/Y OU Team

    Hello! After taking a break from Pokemon during X/Y's release, I decided to get back into Pokemon. This is my first team I've created(I've watched battles, so I have a decent understanding of the metagame). Please tell me your opinion on changes you think would help my team. I'm currently 9-2...
  2. Ignorance is a Gorebyss: A Smash/Pass Team

    Teambuilding So to build a smash/pass team I would need someone who could perform both, right? Gorrebys is the heart and soul of the team Any good opponent won't allow someone to just set up in their face. Latios normally considered an offensive thread, provides VERY...
  3. Official MLB 2012 Season Thread

    Pitchers and catcher report in less than a month, who's ready for it all to start again?
  4. Average UU RMT

    I wanted to get back into Pokemon after not really playing for a while, so on Showdown I threw together some pokes. Please criticize this team, I'm not looking for trolls, but please tell me what could make this team best as possible. Here goes nothing: The team Registeel@Leftovers...
  5. Official MLB 2012 Season Thread

    I'm thinking Posey. Putting up MVP type numbers, while commanding a pitching staff at baseball's most demanding position certainly helps his case. I think it'll be Miguel Cabrera and Buster.
  6. Official MLB 2012 Season Thread

    Man the season has really changed since last time I posted on this thread, how's everyone been going?
  7. Official MLB 2012 Season Thread

    They really had the Red Sox collapse as the intro? That really doesn't make sense as they have Gonzo on the cover. Even as a Yankees fan that seems kinda wrong, instead of showing Freese's triple or Longoria's walkoff, they show a collapse. I'd give the game a chance, from the looks of it you...
  8. Official MLB 2012 Season Thread

    He did his first start too, everyone is hyped up over him when they don't realize he's new to the league, hitters will now get to know him! And I get the 2k games every 2 years as every 1 isnt really changed, so I'd possibly wait for next seasons the show.
  9. Official MLB 2012 Season Thread

    Never said I'm jumping to conclusions, I just saw him swinging the bat better Of course this is shitty pitching(other than the first inning, Roy Halladay 1st pitch home run). I think he'll be healthier this year, had the blood spinning treatment Kobe got a while ago and he looks great.
  10. Official MLB 2012 Season Thread

    Happy to see my yanks looking good so far, A-rod looks less sucky and granderson looks good. We all know how boston's season will end though......
  11. Official MLB 2012 Season Thread

    At this point I don't think anyone is doubting him or thinking he is taking PEDs. Backing up what some believe to have been a "pure luck" season with another MVP caliber campaign justifies himself as one of the best position players right now.
  12. Official MLB 2012 Season Thread

    I forgot he exists, I simply don't seeing him ever returning to 120+ games a year. Sadly we won't ever see his top game.
  13. Official MLB 2012 Season Thread

    If he went to Boston I think you guys would have a legit chance of knocking us out of 1st.
  14. Official MLB 2012 Season Thread

    Great lock up, definitely the captain of the team now that Pujols is gone. I think he is the best defensive catchery by far, as he is durable, eliminates running completely(see the WS), and hits a fantastic average for a sucky hitting position. Start of the games just around the corner, I'm pumped!
  15. Official MLB 2012 Season Thread

    I told you I would participate, why mock me? I never did yahoo, so I would not be used to the draft. I assume we would be doing the live draft, as I see there is that, auction(sounds gay) and autodraft(why even play?).
  16. Official MLB 2012 Season Thread

    I'm interested, i'd have to read up the rules and scoring system as I normally do one.
  17. Official MLB 2012 Season Thread

    Speaking in a curious standpoint as you guys will nag me about making horrible draft decisions even though I won last year with a simular structure, what site are you guys doing your league on?
  18. Official MLB 2012 Season Thread

    Yeah, because willingham is a superstar. I'm putting in Borjour the first 1-3 weeks Crawford will be out. Of course I picked reyes first pick, as I didn't have options as all the superstars were gone.
  19. Official MLB 2012 Season Thread

    I almost died looking at tennis's picture. How do you think the one team we never talk about will rebound: the Twins. We all know it used to be an offensive oriented team in the metrodome w/ Mauer, Morneau, Kubel. Do you think it will be a "rebuilding" phase for them, or do they have contention...
  20. Official MLB 2012 Season Thread

    That'd so cute and emotional. May I post my screensaver too, <3