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  1. MrHands

    Social Art apps

    Procreate is cheap, has virtually all the drawing functions of Photoshop, and is designed to be mobile friendly. Photoshop has many more features but it can't be bought. You need to deal with the monthly fee and if you cancel early they can charge you. I'm not sure how good the interface is for...
  2. MrHands

    Serious American Politics [please excuse our look during the redesign]

    Afghanistan's (previous) government is not a good representative of the Democrats and the Taliban is not the Republicans, no matter how many terrible arguments a person can form by mushing together their obviously different political and demographic systems. I'm not targeting you directly...
  3. MrHands

    Serious American Politics [please excuse our look during the redesign]

    What the fuck are you talking about lmao. Do you not understand how the US political system works? You aren't American, I wouldn't expect you to (I say that in the nicest way possible, I couldn't tell you shit about the Canadian government). In the US if you want anything to happen you either...
  4. MrHands

    Serious American Politics [please excuse our look during the redesign]

    Because there are enough conservatives in the US for their votes to matter. What socialist / anarchist / marxist parties are you compromising with? There are none and the number of voters for them in the US is abysmal, probably half of them think Bernie Sanders is a Socialist. In addition just...
  5. MrHands

    Serious American Politics [please excuse our look during the redesign]

    Koista out here making hot takes such as "not all Republicans are Nazis" and "you can do things at the state level as well as federal". Smogon forums are outraged by such ridiculous claims.
  6. MrHands

    Serious American Politics [please excuse our look during the redesign]

    FDR was president for 4 consecutive terms (only death was able to stop him). The senate and house were overwhelmingly (75%+) Democratic and a Supreme Court that was Democrat dominated. He also benefitted from the US unity caused by WW2 with upwards of 85%+ approval after Pearl Harbor. Biden has...
  7. MrHands

    Pokémon Gallade

    I feel like if you're in a position where you're eating LO Garchomp EQs and Corviknight Brave Birds you're positioning Gallade badly. If Corviknight slurps a Banded Sacred Sword then KOs with Brave Bird Corv will have ~10% HP remaining after recoil. Garchomp fails to KO HP invested Gallade with...
  8. MrHands

    Pokémon Gallade

    Your EVs guarantee survival against LO Garchomp EQ. Do you think it might be better to just invest in HP instead? Still survives LO Garchomp EQ half the time (and non-LO all of the time) but gives you a ~20% bonus to special bulk as well so you can do things like survive Specs Dragapult Shadow...
  9. MrHands

    SPOILERS! All Returning DLC Pokemon in SV DLC Expansion Pass <Unconfirmed>

    Thanks for posting this. It's way easier to just look at pictures vs reading a pastebin lol.
  10. MrHands

    SV OU Sunflower Fields Stall

    Imo just switch Florges to Grass Terra and Flower Veil. Flower Veil protects you from most status moves and stat reduction while you are a grass type. It's probably the only reason to use Florges at all over something like Blissey. With Grass Tera you can drop Tera Blast for Giga Drain or Calm...
  11. MrHands

    SV OU Gholdengo Hazard Stack Stall. Peaked 1964 Elo! (Post Chien-Pao/Espathra Ban)

    Have you considered Ice Beam > Grass Knot on Blissey? It still 2HKOs offensive Great Tusk about half the time while hitting Dragonite, Garchomp, Dragapult, Meowscarada, and Breloom. It also 3HKOs Roaring Moon after SR damage. Lastly it gives you the option to fish for a Freeze from time to time...
  12. MrHands

    Relatively New, Would love some help breaking out of the standard sets

    Standard sets are standard for a reason. Being weird for weirdness sake is a low ladder trap. Tweaking sets based off needs is fine but I advise you do not write off sets because they are standard. Your entire team is 100% standard. Nothing wrong with that. Biggest issue I see at first glance...
  13. MrHands

    SV OU Double Regen Stall - Peaked #1, 2061, 86.7% GXE

    I get that most threats Blissey handles are mono-special attacks but I'm still not sold on 4 def EVs. Just swapping HP EVs with Def gives you 91% Sp Def but literally 200% phys def. I feel like in most sp def vs it still functions but occasionally you can do things like eating a Dragapult or...
  14. MrHands

    Serious American Politics [please excuse our look during the redesign]

    I think it's common sense at this point in human history that what people on Twitter think doesn't matter.
  15. MrHands

    Pokémon Garganacl

    Okay show of hands. Who else in spoiler season saw a defensive rock type who's signature move was 40 damage Wrap that didn't trap and wrote this off as garbage. I was wrong. This salt brick is so fucking good. Friendship with Tyranitar is over, Minecraft salt mob is my new best friend.
  16. MrHands

    Serious American Politics [please excuse our look during the redesign]

    When I say "this is what I mean when I say (thing)" And you say "no you meant this!" even after I repeatedly clarify otherwise It means you are making a strawman argument. When you take a comment or concept and distort it to an extreme even in the face of that person claiming you mean...
  17. MrHands

    Serious American Politics [please excuse our look during the redesign]

    Okay let me rephrase since you apparently have nothing useful to contribute to the conversation any more and have resorted to strawman attacks. If you're going to reply to this, actually say something instead of twisting my words. Elon Musk invests money in technologies and services typically...