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  1. askaninjask

    Mission Mafia: Day Seven

    Vote Haruno
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    Mission Mafia: Day Seven

    On night 0, by the way.
  3. askaninjask

    Mission Mafia: Day Seven

    Team 1 claim to me, I can clean 5 people at the same time.
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    Mission Mafia Signups

  5. askaninjask

    Please no more recruiters?

    Some hosts seem to insist on putting recruiters in their games. Whenever I'm in a mafia game in which a member of my team was recruited, at the end of that game I feel like I've been cheesed. Actually every time it feels pretty shitty to have a member of your team recruited away from you and I...
  6. askaninjask

    Big 2official2mafia - POSTGAME

  7. askaninjask

    u took too long so i made my own

    u took too long so i made my own
  8. askaninjask

    Big 2official2mafia - POSTGAME

    Ok guys, acidphoenix has a completely provable role and is almost certainly better suited role/activity wise to be leader of the MUDS. You guys should probably just claim to acid. Sorry for being inactive.
  9. askaninjask

    Big 2official2mafia - POSTGAME

    ^ but with MUDS. I'm a MUDS, and hopefully, you are too! It'd be great if we could get some initial organization to keep up with the other two village teams. If you're MUDS, please let me know in smogon PM. DON'T GIVE YOUR ALIAS TO ANYONE. If you have a strong/unusual role, don't tell your role...
  10. askaninjask

    Big The 2nd Official Smogon Mafia Game - 2official2mafia

    In, I suppose. I was active last game!!
  11. askaninjask

    hey can you draw me a bronzor to use as my avatar? i like ur style and if you have time i would...

    hey can you draw me a bronzor to use as my avatar? i like ur style and if you have time i would be v grateful
  12. askaninjask

    Hearthstone [IRC Channel #Skillstone]

    Honestly the reason why Purify is 2 mana is that they didn't want to print the effect at 1 mana, just because Gadgetzan Auctioneer exists. I love Gadgetzan Auctioneer in Miracle Rogue, but it really should just be a Rogue card, so the other classes can be allowed to have some good spells. Having...
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    Live Video mafia

    Ullar just play and we'll kill you N1
  14. askaninjask

    Big Wayne Bradiest Mafia - Game Over - 13 Winners

    Just want to put it out there that I was never on US's sheet but still was able to get the full circle - if I had been enemies with UncleSam this game would have gone quite differently, as there would have been another person with All Of The Info in the game, but alas we were friends WC wise, so...
  15. askaninjask

    Master Thread Suggestion Thing

    Game history should be kept in a spreadsheet that lots of people can edit/contribute to, not a locked thread for only mods
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    Live Video mafia

    I can't do friday or saturday, soz
  17. askaninjask

    Circus Maximus Scoreboard

    If I did this (which I might later) my record would be something along the lines of like, 1 victory for every 6 losses. I've played enough games that it can't be an anomaly either. I'm statistically provably bad at mafia. edit: you know, the REAL way to do this would be to automate it with a...
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    Mafia vs Village Dead Mafia (Sign-ups)

    I'm also interested.
  19. askaninjask

    Mafia vs Village Double Lynchpin Mafia - MONSTERS WIN

    Vote Walrein you mean you didn't believe me when I said I was frosty? i'm truly offended