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  1. Voltage

    The nerd does things (the movie???)

    I promise you I was doing almost the exact same things you are at 16 and paper Doodles aren't something you should throw away! Get your ideas on paper because one day you might want to use them for something, like for example, when you CAN advance to computer doodles. Sometimes you don't have...
  2. Voltage

    The nerd does things (the movie???)

    sincerepost hat on You're reaching really far to start and I'd encourage you to narrow your scope a bit if you want to make something here to start. Just make some smaller proof-of-concept roguelike design in game maker or unity or RPG Maker something with EXTREMELY simple rules. And think...
  3. Voltage

    what's stopping you?

    an angry snapchat from you flipping me off :row:
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    Post your searing hot takes

    I really do not give a single shit about any reality tv dating shows and that includes things like Love Island, Love is Blind or either form of the the Bachelor(ette). They are vapid and annoying and they make me feel so so weird, like we live in some weird dystopia where you go on tv and ruin...
  5. Voltage

    todd bonzalez's... smogoff rpg [cycle 14]

    liar, where tf is my pm
  6. Voltage

    Talk without length about things you aren't interested in.

    i don't like reality tv dating shows
  7. Voltage

    CAP 32 - Part 3 - Role Poll

    Offensive Hazard Setter Offensive Pivot Defensive Pivot
  8. Voltage

    How to use a Confessional in a Reality TV Show

    No you hack, you have to be authentic. You won't get screen time otherwise!!!!!!!!
  9. Voltage

    “Slugma” in french

    mamma mia
  10. Voltage

    CAP32 - Part 3 - Concept Assessment 2

    Something to chew on since I think we've considered a lot of roles themselves in a vacuum with what Fire/Fairy can give us, and maybe a little less on what it can do in conjunction with an average spread of stats and the general aspects each individual typing can bring to the table. Beyond...
  11. Voltage

    CAP 32 - Part 2 - Typing Poll 2

    Fire / Fairy Fire / Psychic Electric / Flying
  12. Voltage

    video games for guys

    destiny's divide
  13. Voltage

    Only post in this thread if youre wasted

    OK good
  14. Voltage

    Only post in this thread if youre wasted

    Can I be stoned instead of wasted?
  15. Voltage

    CAP 32 - Part 1 - Concept Assessment

    I will third the sentiment of no change for the ordering of the stages. The stats are the instrumental portion of this process, so it follows therefore that we need to use the Stats stage to balance out the previous stages, especially with respect to typing as dex has stated. I won't repeat the...
  16. Voltage

    todd bonzalez's... smogoff rpg [cycle 14]

    cycle 5
  17. Voltage

    CAP 32 - Part 1 - Concept Poll 2

    Bang Average
  18. Voltage

    CAP 32 - Part 1 - Concept Poll 1

    Bang Average Atypical Type Usage Trap Card Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal Mini-Uber Schrodinger's CAP Speed Demon Snowballer
  19. Voltage

    CAP 32 - Part 1 - Concept Submissions

    This is a really good point and I've added a question to my section to allow us to ask the question "what kinds of actions can be put under the umbrella of 'parry' and 'riposte'?". I think that you're thinking a little too specifically since while yes, shield moves are an excellent example of...